Update Journal docs for Odyssey release

The ranks in the Ship's internal panel for your commander (eg defenceless) differ from when you scan an NPC, eg harmless, mostly harrmless, comando.
Are they supposed to be different?
Can you publish an official set of ranks (solder/exobiologist)

Also, the suit localised names seems to be messed up since Odyssey update 3, particularly for class 2 suits
It looks like the status.json legal status does not take into account Odyssey status, eg when gaining a galaxy-wide fine (stealing from an Odyssey base) the status.json still says "clean" eventhough the cockpit is full on anonymous access.
Would it be possible to have the docs published as .docx in the future? Or some other format that's mostly parsable? Thanks!
I think the best variant is the online variant.
But this should be updated soon. I have already left a hint at github.

Sorry, @Lombra , I didn't realize right away that you are the initiator of the online version.
Thank you very much for this ! :)(y)
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Edit: Never mind...I found out...it's my credit balance

Hi there,

What precisely does the new "balance" value relate to in the status file?

Many thanks
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NavRoute.json is a nice touch...many thanks.

(yes, I know it's been around for a year...but I've been away and only just noticed it when looking at status.json today)
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