Update Journal Docs for Odyssey Alpha 4

There is some information missing.
The new ranks are missing from Progress and Ranks, as is the actual ranks from the apendix
Many thanks for the update and listening to the feedback. The alpha4 update has fixed a lot of the omissions for Odyssey.

Any chance of the following ever being added? These would really help the 3rd party community.

Current target - other than ship, E.g. planet, station, player, SRV, object

Fighter launch - ship type

crew - order acknowledged

Cargo manifest scan

Ship current shield and hull stats

Module damage

Power plant output

DiscoveryScan - outposts are not marked as station

Exit to main menu

Return to surface/enter hangar

Request dock key bind

On foot shield value 0.0 to 1.0

Shield state - doesn’t write when down
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Found issues within the docs/events:
  1. The event 'Disembark' and 'DropShipDeploy' didn't contain any latitude/longitude values when 'OnPlanet' is true, why?
    Have to read the status.json to get latitude/longitude values.
  2. The event 'LiftOff' and 'Touchdown' now contains 'OnMarket' and 'OnPlanet', why? Both are not required, because a lift off or touch down are always on planets, right?
Additional questions:
  1. Was the bug fixed with the event 'ApproachSettlement' in Odyssey? (see > https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threa...ement-event-latitude-longitude-values.557477/)
  2. Any changes to the NavRoute.json when a selected route was cancelled in Odyssey? (see > https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/navroute-json-clear-content-when-route-was-cancelled.562260/)
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I think there needs to be journal entres for picking up energy cells and medkits from settlements - these aren't recorded currently so any 3rd Party tool that tries to keep track of inventory will fail.
Also - it would be useful to have die, resurrect and retreat events from Combat zones.
The OnFootInStation and OnFootOnPlanet flags (in status.json) work okay when in a station or on a planet. But when walking around the concourse of a planet base only the OnFootOnPlanet value is true. I would expect both to be true in this instance.

Also the Health and Oxygen values are not being updated and are stuck on 1.0
I would think station refers to a floating space station.
Yes, you are probably right. But there is a difference between being on a planet chatting up that good looking mission-giver in the bar, or on a planet running around a settlement looking for your taxi with no oxygen left. Using both flags together could have covered this difference.
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