"Jolly Roger" Pirate themed park enteracne/food court/tourist trap

Hey guys so I am pretty new to the game joined into the fun like 2 days ago or so, and i fell in love with the game right away and since the first few career missions are pirated themed i really wanted to make a pirate themed item for the game and the first one i made failed miserably due to the fact that pathways can't be saved in blueprints so today i have been working on this its not yet finished bud I would really like to know what you guys think :)




Here is an URL to my Steam workshop page for the "Jolly Roger" build.

I really hope you guys like and it.
Love the idea. Question...does it work with all of those shops and keeping the staff happy? They get cranky if they're not serving anyone...
Thanks guys i really put a lot of work effort into it i think ill finish it today or tomorrow and update my steam workshop.

I have not been able t test it in a challenge mode park yet (only have the game for like 3 days now) so i do not know but in the sand box game i build it in there where about 600 guest in the park and that was enough to keep the shop keepers happy so its all up to the amount of guest you have i think oh and their needs ofc,and worst case scenario you can always close a few of them until your park does have enough visitors.
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Love this, so creative! I may actually steal this for my pirate section when I get to it. I've never seemed to get the hang of pirate theming.
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