PvP I've been corrupted *sigh*

Stupidest Gank of all time.

That really was the caking on the ice today 🥴
Don't let Ganks see it or he puts you in the trainee bracket. That's similar to how I died to Phisto and the gang a little over a year ago, just stupid mistakes. I killed my FSD twice trying to jump out🤦‍♀️.
Speaking of the trainee bracket, I've been having lots of fun in my Frag Mamba at the Ghost Ship. I've been teaming up with people and having wing fights, fighting big ships and small, it's been great. Cutter shields do take a really long time to drop, even with a Mamba and a Krait pounding them!

I even had another Cmdr interdict me then they ended up running away as their shields dropped. I still had two rings!

Still love the FGS but as most of my fights degenerate into jousts the Mamba does seem to suit me nicely! I even win a few fights!
I'm on vacation right now in the Pleiades Nebula,

Carrier is full of Tritium and I wait for interesting CGs.

Meanwhile, I try to up my Inara stats, as I'm missing the Anti-Xeno badge.
I built a scout killer Krait Mk.II Axi McAXface and it works like a charm against scouts.

Let's see how it does against Interceptors.

Another test run, this time with my quad Gauss Interceptor killer Chieftain "AX McMuffin"
(The coriolis stats lie a bit, in the video the hull is yet unengineered, also I'm undecided if I go lightweight or HD)

The last test with the Krait was ok, but turreted multicannons lack the oomph to fight against the higher tier
Interceptors, and I got it in my head I need at least to solo a Basilisk for my ego 😁

AX combat is a bit addictive honestly, the only thing propably putting me off of it is the need to synth stuff against
Basilisk and higher.

Anyways, video:

I really like the 4 Gauss and the beam on one trigger, helps me a lot to hit better. Heat is manageable.
More testing inbound.
I've been corrupted * sigh *. While flying around in LTT 1935 I saw a Novice Anaconda so decided it was worthy of a gank. Annoyingly I didn't get behind it and it high waked. In my mild frustration I then saw a mostly harmless Vulture.

So I interdicted him. He submitted, clearly tried to low wake and panicked, I think, but by the time he had weapons actually deployed he was as good as dead.

Having been on his end of things many times I can well image the sense of panic, did he press the wrong key? Was he trying to get a system for a high wake? Either way it was mildly entertaining but I'm not sure it was that much fun.

I much prefer having a proper fight, if it's 1v3 I leave but I'll always stay 1v1.

I think I'm not the world's most committed ganker, but was quite ruthless, which was a little bit of fun!
??? Got to say I always knew as being a slightly shameful dog after being embarrassed or similar, just as @Bigmaec used it.

Now, being like a dog with two s is all about being a happy fella!
Hmmm.... I'll reconsider the offensive comment then... :ROFLMAO:
(If running away the tail is between legs, somewhat embarrased then yes, it is drooping, 2 tails is a happy chappy...)
My 2, when chasing across the field out on a walk have their tails streaming behind them...
If I'm wanted in a system and get blown up, you pay off the fine and wanted status goes away, you go to prison ship, right?

And the happy dog hasn't got two tails, he's got two gentlemen appendages
The tail between its legs: Is the sign that a dog is down, afraid, feeling scared or guilty. It is an automatic response thing and is basically to protect the vulnerable bits down there.

A dog with two tails: Is something attributed to humans. "That they are like a dog with two tails". Happy dogs, cannot help raising and waging their tails. In some breads, this is more prominent than others. Poodles and Labradors are extreme examples of this trait and have absolutely no control over their tails and will wag them, manically at the slightest provocative. An Australian bread the 1st Poodle Lab cross, for the use as guide dogs for the blind, that do not moult. (Labs do a lot) He created very intelligent, passive and almost perfect guide dogs. Except they were a bit mental, in the tail wagging department and many had to have their 'damaged tails' removed, because they were bruising and hurting their tails by hitting objects so hard, during manic tail wagging sessions.

Most that are doing a 'Sir Robin' will do so with their tails, tucked up tight, between their legs.
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Another evening playing in the CG, lots of pew pew, starting to really enjoy the Mamba now!

I only came unstuck a once against a Vette rocking phasing, I had him down to one shield ring after, I think, he'd finished his SCB's before I had to call it time.

Took out a few ships, several more waked out, other Mamba's are good fun but I'm convinced the LR beam is better than another Frag having put them to the test.

I've not met many very capable FDL pilots, I think if they get blown up by me, they aren't capable 🤣🤣🤣
The other conclusion I've come to is that for a shield build Prismatic coupled with a couple of guardian boosters is incredibly effective. In fact, for an FDL/ Mamba type ship I can't see why you'd choose bi-weaves.

I've been there, when you empty a distro or three full of laser and the other guys shield doesn't seem to flinch? (I've got 70% resistance and 4 pips, which helps). Then he opens up on you from point blank with frags and your shields disappear?

I'm not complaining, but in almost any scenario (excluding @Bigmaec annoying torpedo's 😭) this shield combo is really effective. To get the guardian boosters was why I left Colonia, I intended to come back straight away, but there is so much PvP at the CG's I'm enjoying it!
In fact, for an FDL/ Mamba type ship I can't see why you'd choose bi-weaves.

Cause vanilla shields are boring and my CMDR doesn't kowtow to any "power", so doesn't get any of their toys himself (no CMDR salvage is an everlasting disappointment). Tried them in that one beta way back when, and they've certainly been used against my CMDR, but I'll never have my CMDR pledge. Bad enough he's stuck in the Pilots' Federation (the moment I can dump that preferential insurance to have my CMDR appear as a filled in sensor contact, I will)!
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