Issues with New Heavy Duty Glass Barriers - Escapes & Water Levels

Is anyone else having issues with the new heavy duty glass barriers? I use these to break up a "river" into individual habitats, but sometimes animals can get through them and escape. I've not seen them actually doing it, but they regularly escape even though there is no way that this is possible for them - its like they are able to move through the barriers. So far this has only happened with the new Caiman and Giant Otters - both of which I regularly find swimming happily downstream.

There's also a glitch with the water that's meant to be held back by the barriers. If I delete the water from one side of the barrier (one river section if you like) then the water is deleted from both sides, implying that they are somehow joined as if the barrier isn't there. I've checked and doubled checked this and everything looks like it should be watertight.

It's all very odd. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I am having an issue with water not filling up where it is supposed to. I had to delete the water to fix an issue in my otter habitat and when I went to add water back, it only filled halfway. It took me 3 hours of fiddling with it before it just.... woked again! I was so frustrated. I changed my glass to brick and deleted the whole fencing and put it back and it still did not work. I am not sure what made it work again.
I'm recently having issues with water. My seal habitat failed to calculate water depth and caused them to be stressed in turn bringing protesters. I removed and replaced it which sorted the problem. Im also struggling with place new water it seems to be obstructed with no visible obstructions in the way. Can't explain it as it happened as its only started today.
Yes, I eventually managed to get the water filled after 2 hours of removing and adding the barrier. Moving it out, up, down, moving rocks and I was seriously stressed trying to figure it out. Then, just like that... it filled. But.... my otters didn't seem to notice and were super stressed. They would not jump off of the rock that the vet puts them on into the water. I had to use a roof slanted tile in the water up to the rock. Two slid off and then eventually, the rest just jumped in and I was able to remove the roof tile. However, this did not stop the protesters because it said they had zero water and their habitat was zero room. That part finally worked AFTER I had my animals emergency boxed up and sent to the center and then sent back to the habitat. It was about 3 hours to get it all sorted and "back"
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