OK, I got interdicted and destroyed, picked all mods on my ship at the rebuy screen.
But when back in the Game all my mods are gone.
Then the issue tracker tells me I cannot submit a ticket now.
After going through the insane amount of captcha screens.
SO, Whats going on ?
Have I been put on their Black List or what ?
Anyone else get this Foff from them ?
Try another browser, some browser may have issues. some browser extensions may get in the way as well. If Chrome, try FF. If FF, try Chrome etc.
If you 'picked all your mods' then you may have selected something wrong, but support should be able to help you with that.
They have not blacklisted you for dying :)
I use FF and had a couple of issues last month.
Everything worked fine, this is on FD side, not my side.
Still cannot submit an issue, so I sent an email to support with my logs attached.
Thing is this happened after taking 7 missions, which will fail in 3hours from now.
So I will lose rep, and credits, on top of this.
This may be the straw that breaks the camels back in my regard.
SO, on top of everything else, have now failed 7 missions,
incurring the loss of credits, rep, and time spent.
Still no word or help from support.
This is a Dead End for me, until taken care of.
What irks me the most, is that instead of telling me I cannot submit a ticket, Up Front.
They put me thru Bunch of capchas, and 7 pages, before telling me I cannot submit a ticket.
Once again they show their total disregard for my Time.
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