CQC Is this a bug?

I've just jumped out of a CQC session which was particularly frustrating, there were numerous times where I was positioning myself perpendicular to my foe, and while there I'm watching them shoot the horizon, and blasting heck out of them, but its my ship taking the damage? I don't know if their wayward weapons were registering in my hitbox indicating its oversize, or if my weapons were inflicting damage on me rather than the enemy, but I wondered if anyone else had encountered this sort of thing, and was it a new bug post update, or an ongoing issue, and were there any known work-arounds?

I used to run ipv6 before the update, but since the update the game won't let me change my network settings, so its forced me back ti IPv4, which leaves me wondering is this some sort of weird lag? I am 100% I wasn't getting sniped as there have been occasions were there were only a handful of CMDR's in the match, and I could see all of them engaging eachother while experiencing this counterintuitive taking damage from my own weapons/my targets weapons that are shooting off into the horizon?

I'll look at setting up some video capturing software and try to recreate it to substantiate a ticket/bug report if needs be, but I would like to know am I the only one to encounter this?
If you are shooting yourself, that is definitely a bug. Lag/desync would also be a bug, but not a particularly uncommon one.

Regarding network settings, these should still be alterable in the config files, even if, for whatever reason, you cannot change things in the in-game menus.
@Jay Le Chardon I am having the same experience now and then. I often try to play in a way that gets me as close as possible to my opponent (even if that is not a good idea from the tactical point of view) and then get shot while looking at their backside. I guess this is mostly a desync caused by lag compensation attempts. You can experience this in open play too.

As the lag is real it may not be possible to come up with a solution that satisfies everybody at all times.
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