Is it so hard /so difficult to reskin or remodel a animal size/shape musculature ???

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Apparently there are some animal who I notice some people have been talking about

Spotted hyenas in planet zoo game does not have slope like appearance like the real hyenas

The hyenas in the game look so thin and small

Male Lion being cartoonish

Camel sizes ...

Wolves variant coat colour ... But have been already updated under new update ....

I notice some modders have done something to make the animal more real and more realistic ....

Why not planet zoo just collaborate with some modders out there ???

Many modders is from previous zoo game... And they are experience in making realistic animal reskin ...

BTW I am not using any mods or hack currently though .... and I am not sharing any mods link here ...
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Closed as a duplicate to your previous thread on this topic. You're always free to discuss it further on this thread.
Thread Closed: Not open for further replies.
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