IRL Cuteness

Not really sure that we should think of bears in the back yard as cute... But that's always the reaction. :)

Mom and her cubs decided to visit again. Cubs are quite a bit bigger than last time - only managed to get one in the picture, the other was already playing over the fence. We were out on the deck this time!

At this point we decided to head indoors and give them some space. These are black bears, they are shy and do not like humans and will avoid us whenever possible, which is probably a good thing. So if we want them to get close (why would you want a bear to get close? - For the photos obviously! :cool: ) then it's best not to be in their faces. The rest of the photos were taken from inside. Then a neighbor came out onto his deck, startled mom (both cubs were now on the other side of the fence), and in her effort to climb over the fence she broke it, so just wandered through the hole she'd made. :)

(Nice to see she's looking for bugs, not garbage. She's a big girl now, ready to hibernate.)

Have to say Echidnas are pretty cute


Cute little wild white echidna found in Western Australia

And another rare wild one from tasmania

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Sorry, am too silly to embed twitter propperly here. But now I wish even more for asian small clawed otters in game. And that they please enrich Orang-Utans. On a side note: This looks like he has a bunch of cute pets :: He looks at them like we look at kitten.
Still absoluetly disapointed with the lack of customer appreciation in form of an update for the PZ anniversary, compared to Planco and JWE. (We supported this game through a Pandemic, when a lot of people lost their jobs... a logo statue wouldn't have hurt -.-)

BUT: This made me smile. These yawns, omg. Kitty perfection. I would hug and cuddle it if caracals weren't absolute beasts :D

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">idk how to articulate the joy this brought me <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; quoth the RAEven🎃 (@PAYOLETTER) <a href=" Source:
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