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In my backyard this evening

Bobcats and lynxes are such beautiful "big" cats. And what did you take those pictures with? They look great!
anybody seen her :(?

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Sad to read that this Kangaroo is still missing. I hope she will be found soon. I wish I could help somehow but I think it's very unlikely that the Kangaroo is somewhere near where I live
Ah well... If we're doing albino animals, then I am happy to share this little fella. First spotted last winter, and still going strong.

He got quite fearless for a while, now hanging out a way down the yard.

Sorry for anybody expecting an albino bear, but if I ever run across one I'll be sure to post it... ;)
These Pictures are great. I think I need to download some of them to use them as Reaction Images while chatting 🙃

Oh yes, the puking penguin and the turtle showing the "finger" are very useful for conversations :LOL:

It's me again - while I can't play the game at the moment, I'm consuming a lot of animal content.

Already in July, a cuuuuute Red Panda was born in Hellabrunn Zoo, Munich. Today they posted new pictures from the first vet encounter which determined it's a little male named "Ulli". A-dor-able. And especially cool because I might be able to visit the zoo in October, I hope I'll see this little fellow! Also, it's International Red Panda day tomorrow. :love:



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Please Frontier, we need them in the Game 😊

Ooh, opossums!
Years ago, my cat started to wake me up in the middle of the night - every single night - by clawing at the glass of my balcony door. One night, when my groggy brain finally managed to send me the message that there might actually be a reason for her shenanigans, I looked out on the balcony to see - an opossum. My apartment is on the third floor! With no tree branches close by.

So the next night, I went out on the balcony and saw the opossum climb (or should I say: walk) down the outside stucco wall of the building! I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had no idea they could do that. And why on earth would it do that? I had nothing eatable on my balcony. One of the following nights answered that question: I found my cat on one side of the balcony door, the opossum on the other side, both just making gooey eyes (casting enamoured glances) at each other!!! My cat, who used to hiss at any living being apart from me, in love with an opossum... and this love was apparently reciprocated! Adorable!

Too bad that a) the opossum woke me up every night and b) it relieved itself all over the balcony. So I borrowed a live trap from friends, put some cat food inside, and a few nights later captured Romeo. I released him at a safe distance. Too bad this was before smartphones with cameras.
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