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I have been to Wuppertal Zoo two weeks ago on a Friday. I could make a reservation in the morning after waking up. It was a good experience to visit a rather empty zoo and have good weather. That's usual mutually exclusive. Fighting the reservation website was definitely worth the visit
Just a quick question; how many of you already visited RL zoos ? in some countries they are open again or with limited amount of guests..

I still haven't. You have to make reservations for a lot of zoos and I don't like to plan these trips that far ahead.
I have been to the San Diego Zoo every week since it reopened. Luckily, due to our year-round warm temperatures, practically everything is outdoors, so the Zoo and the Safari Park have not been affected by the recent re-tightened restrictions in California (the zoo in Los Angeles, though, is closed again). The gondola rides and other purely people-oriented entertainment offers are closed and the number of guests is limited to half capacity. No reservation needed, online ticket purchases only. Masks have to be worn.

It’s been a sanity saver. It’s not only a zoo, but also pretty much a botanical garden with plants native in the home countries of many of the animals. Some areas are like a jungle with so many plants. Like a mini vacation.
They have two new young brother lions at my local zoo! I took some photos of them over the weekend. Aren’t they handsome 🧡

@Jileha I’m just as jealous that that’s your local zoo :). We visited from Australia last December and I miss San Diego Zoo and the Safari Park so much, I would spend every weekend there if I could!
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