Introducing New Community Manager - Stephen Benedetti

Hi Stephen from another ''ph'' Steve.

Welcome to the community..hold tight.. and keep that Glaswegian smile shining!

Welcome Stephen!

Any fan of Firefly is a friend of mine! :)

A hearty welcome from myself and everyone over at the Fatherhood

All the best
The forums are an irradiated wasteland. Within them lies a game, Elite Dangerous. Outside the boundary walls, a desert. A cursed earth. Inside the walls, a cursed forum, stretching from News and announcements to off topic chat. An unbroken concrete landscape. 800 million forum members living in the ruin of the old forum and the mega threads of the new one. Dangerous blocks. Dangerous highways. Dangerous discussion. Convulsing. Choking. Breaking under its own weight. Members in fear of the gank. The gun. The gang. Only one thing fighting for order in the chaos: the community managers of the Frontier Hall of Justice. Juries. Executioners. Livestreamers.


Good luck cadet!
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