INRA Base Discoveries

I do forget a little about how these work... does that mean the Eagle Eye system just transmits the relevant system/planet as a target, or is there a corresponding Thargoid Structure signal that has the Thargoid Link point to the actual base?
The second:

Eagle Eye -> TS -> things thargies are looking at
The second:

Eagle Eye -> TS -> things thargies are looking at

Considering there's confirmed "Activity" to be done at stations being targeted (i.e kill goids, stop the attack), I wonder if there's other corresponding activity at the other sites being pointed to?
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One thing that hasn’t been done is mapping the clues. Which things have pointers to the next. Which are “easily” stumbled upon (UCB/LP).

At the moment it seems to me that Stuart’s Retreat is the first base.

The other thing that gets a mention a few times is The Northern Edge or the base in the north.
North like Alioth north?


Just reporting my findings. In Frontier First Encounters, which John Jordan converted to i386 (reference JJ-386 ship), the first Thargoid mission has you go to Turners Requiem on Fortress Culloden, on Alioth. Here you have to donate the max amount of credits before you are given a mission to locate the wrecked Turner's Quest. The Turner's Quest was Mic Turner's ship. A revolution in ship design, the Turner Class ship was the result of several years of intense R&D at the AAAI shipyards. Argent Aerodynamics Amalgamated Inc, or AAAI is a company co owned by Mic Turner and Meredith Argent. When the Alioth System decided to rise up against both the Federation and Empire, it had no navy, nor the means to build one. Meredith Argent and Mic Turner banded together and came up with the brilliant idea of retro fitting Long Range Cruisers into battleships instead of building a brand new navy. The people of Alioth volunteered their time and their own ships for the cause and AAAI was formed to manufacture the new Alliance Navy.

The Turner's Quest carries the largest and most powerful commercial hyperdrive known to humanity - the Class 4 Military. The drives range was over ninety light-years. Only four of these ships were ever produced; for the founders of AAAI, Mic Turner and Meredith Argent, and their close friends. The first Turner class ship, the Turner's Quest, is destroyed in battle with INRA in 3253. The second, Argent's Quest travels beyond the rim of known space, while the remaining two enter private service.

INRA had secrets beyond the northern frontier, namely how they won the war against the Thargoids. These were secrets they were prepared to kill to protect, which they did, destroying the Turners' Quest. When Mic Turner didn't make contact with AAAI, Jo Merion was sent to find out what happened. She recovered his Stowmaster Capsule but was then apprehended by INRA forces. She was eventually released without the capsule and given accolades with both major governments.

Undeterred, and worried for her friend, Meredith Argent hired a commander to fly the Argent's Quest (which I believe to be the first Thargoid mission mentioned above) to the last known location of the Turner's Quest (Pleione 4B). The pilot found the wrecked ship, including its black box and a wounded Thargoid ship (HIP 17125 A 3 A, anyone? Less than 40LY away from Pleione and the Turner's Quest drive could easily do 90LY). Returning to AAAI, the data was replayed and the commander sent to Polaris where there was reference to another unknown entity. The Argent's Quest docked with the entity and appeared in a system over 600 light years away - the Thargoid home planet. There, the commander learned that INRA developed a virus to destroy the Thargoid's organic hyper-drives. The Argent's Quest returned to human space to find the antidote. He returned to the Thargoid Homeworld with the antidote, allowing the Thargoids to travel again. In thanks they built a Thargoid warship for the commander, who flew home to accolades in the Alliance, but criminal charges in both the major powers, both of which are linked to INRA.

Compare this MO with the current League of Reparations MO:
In these journals, I keep seeing numerous attempts by the Imperial/Federal insurgents and INRA Operatives to undermine peace with the Thargoids.

Last week, six ships flying under AIS colours and with trusted commanders at the helm, escorted the 'Sappho's Quest' on a return visit to the heart of the Thargoid fleet. Two of those ships then turned on the aliens, launching multiple ship to ship missiles in what proved to be a suicidal attack on the mother ship and the 'Sappho's Quest'.

They wanted the Thargoids to think that AIS was responsible for the attack, I guess, but they failed in this instance.

Also, it looks like the attack on the INRA base on Hotice 1 might have been "the work of INRA counter-intelligence wing and that it was designed both to destroy the evidence that would implicate INRA in the bio-genetic attack on the 'goids (3150) and to provoke a further outbreak of the hostilities."

This is getting interesting. I wouldn't go so far as to say that the Thargoids were innocent, back then, but it certainly looks like there were numerous attempts from a third party to undermine peace with them.

System Defence Force ships that we see around and on planets, are likely INRA:

The latest twist in the running battle between INRA and the AAAI sees the 'Argent's Quest' returning to the Northern Edge with, if anything, more fire power than before. Reports suggest that the ship has taken on the combined might of two INRA attack squadrons (Counter-Intelligence and Systems Defence) and, so far, survived to tell the tale.
And to cap it off, visit this location (hidden in spoiler in case you recognise the location)

IC 4604 Sector FB-X c1-16 A 1 a

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Base 4 (15/10/17)
Mayes Chemical Plant
System HIP 59382, planet 1 B
Coordinates : 11.41 177.06
Discovery Credit to: EfilOne (CoR)
Now shows up as a Guardian Site when doing the FSS or DSS Scan.
The Data Point is also Recurring with new data each time.
Lots of Mats but some are in difficult locations.
Has anyone followed up on the Message in the Station Logs and visited the System Mentioned??
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I am currently at the coordinates of Stuart Retreat but I can't see anything there. Have these bases been moved/removed? Do I first have to get something else before I can visit those sites. Thought they are permanent objects?! :eek:
I am currently at the coordinates of Stuart Retreat but I can't see anything there. Have these bases been moved/removed? Do I first have to get something else before I can visit those sites. Thought they are permanent objects?! :eek:
There have been issue with sites disappearing during the patch / update yesterday. The developers are working to restore things. Watch this space...
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