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I'm hoping the bartender thing is a placeholder rather than the default mat trader. Maybe one or two characters who are shady bartenders that trade under the counter, but as a standard practice? "I'll have a Lavian brandy and a pound of epoxy please." Pretty weird.
Frankly, I feel like black market trader should be like a seedy back alley part of the general station area. Maybe have the entry way sort of "hidden" behind a row of terminals.
For some reason I felt short in the game. Lookong through the vanity cam it seemed normal height however.

I noticed particularly NPCs are looking down to make eye contact, so I decided to stand infront of one so they were making eye contact. Well, when looking through the vanity camera, I noticed NPCs are staring at my chest.

Eyes up here buddy!
I'm a little curious how instancing will work around the player hub.

When you arrive in the hanger, in your Contacts you can see the Apex taxi (and possibly other ships in the dock). As soon as you get into the elevator, the Contacts list switches to only showing the people (NPCs and presumably Cmdrs) in the hub. Presumably in order to see the ships coming and going you'd assume the hub and dock need to be in the same instance? Maybe it's just a quirk of the Contacts list..
I find it weird that so many bugs ended up to this "customer alpha". I mean most of them should have been noticed and corrected by Frontier own test teams, before releasing this version to public. Motives behind why they were not corrected puzzles me. Is the reason so that FD can show afterwards how many bugs were fixed before release, and this number is artificially increased by leaving so many obvious bugs to this "alpha". Maybe this could then(by some standards), justify why some other things are not corrected or implemented.

I mean how hard was it for Frontier own test team to notice, that any kind of trade with vendor, will likely crash the application? Just as an example.
I wondered the same thing, but it is important to note that the test team might have found the bugs and reported them. It's up to the team to triage the bugs and whether to fix them. (e.g. The test team don't fix the bugs or decide which ones get fixed). I guess there might have been higher priority bugs that got fixed. Who knows.

However, I do agree with you, that certain quirks should have been fixed, e.g

  • Centering on the consoles when you interact with them
  • Getting stuck within the planetary/apex selection menus
  • Quitting in a shuttle makes it go crazy and crashes

It would have been good to have a known issue page, but then if we knew about the issues, would it be a true representation of what the users would naturally do?

I wonder if their exit criteria for each phase has been met?

The problem they have is the 'Amazon effect'. In that, when you use a website, you compare it to what you normally use and expect. You get trained to do things a certain way, so with the FPS aspect, people might expect COD or Doom, they would expect hotkeys for medkits, being able to revive team-mates.

With the stealth aspects, people tend to fall back onto several tropes

  • Solid Snake - Being able to detect their cone of vision and distract
  • Splinter Cell - Using cover/shadows to your advantage
  • Dishonoured - Being able to complete the objective using multiple paths and you can go violent/stealth as much as you like.

I hope they sort out the social aspects as in being able to share missions so that you can all go to the same place, being able to be social in the stations so you can plan your approach to the bases.

* It's always safe to test in production :)
Why not have access to a basic site plan of the destination complex only available during the shuttle... potential here to plan the mission...brief though the travel time maybe... thoughts Fdev? Looking forward to getting it on PS4...
So, just felt like saying this although a bunch of people have probably already said it, but Ship Interiors would make travel times more bearable. I know you guys are adamant about not adding them at launch because you don't see the potential gameplay opportunities, but there is a lot of potential there.
1) Having Ship interiors could give a more immersive, interesting way to adjust your on-foot loadout than the existing menu system. It could work like in GTA Online where you have a weapon locker or weapon room in your ship, perhaps attached to the cockpit, where you can go to adjust your loadout. Also a 'wardrobe' where you can change your character's current suit as well as other cosmetics for our commanders. Also, this could make the transfer of consumables and items between your ship and your backpack more elegant as the current system is a bit clunky.
2) Add simple maintenance or tuning gameplay or minigames which can be performed in various areas around the ship that can give a minor or modest temporary gameplay advantage gameplay for ship based gameplay. This would give all players, not just those more focused on FPS gameplay something to do during some of those rather long Supercruise trips. Perhaps there could also be an area for suit maintenance to give you a temporary onfoot advantage like slightly longer sprint time or cooldown, or optimize shields for just a tiny bit more resistance.
3) Luxury Apex Vessels. If a player is sufficiently wealthy they should be able to book a luxury Apex taxi (perhaps a Dolphin?) with a luxury cabin away from the cockpit with some additional amenities. They could come with some free consumables that you can pick up for the mission before you reach the destination. Alternatively, if you prefer something a bit more utilitarian there could be a small shooting range in the ship to pass time and to help players improve their aim. All of these amenities would of course be purchasable and installable for player owned ships as well.
4) This one isn't for travel time mitigation. You could have some more gameplay for Starports besides just the social hubs and shops. There could be some missions where a mission-giver asks you to infiltrate an NPC commander's ship to retrieve either some cargo, some data, or to sabotage it for them. You'd take the lift to their hangar bay and would have to find your way in, there could be various methods in such as an E-Breach, some laser cutting, etc.

Come on guys, I know this would take time and resources to implement but if I can come up with these ideas in my spare time then don't tell me there's no gameplay opportunities in having Ship Interiors. Also if these features took more time to implement I doubt anyone would complain about a delay, also you could always bump up the price of Odyssey a bit for a the extra work you weren't anticipating to add.
From my point of view, the main problem is that we have to fight even in missions where we should not (repairman, postman, deliveryman,...). There are 3 factors that lead to this:

1°)AI has only one response to a situation: kill us. There should be more steps like being fined, confiscated (weapons, tools, stolen objects), being expelled from the base (escorted to a vehicle), being arrested with non-lethal equipment (flashbang, IEM, tazer or even a grenade that will spray foam on us and more or less hinder our movements),... weapons should be in most cases the last resort (if we engage in combat ourselves or if we ignore an unmissable ultimatum)
2°)there are only heavily armed soldiers whereas one would expect to see guards without shields and without lethal weapons or policemen with handguns only,...
3°)we have no way to avoid the fight. We have no way to excuse ourselves if we do not immediately realise that we are being controlled, we have no way to lay down our weapons before the security starts fighting,... we can only suffer and defend ourselves.

And we also have no way to simply neutralise an NPC or hide a body, which is one of the most important parts of a stealth game.
Why is there no info on the E_Breach or anyway to use it.

I have 3 E-Breach in my inventory and as i get to a panel i should be able to use the E-Breach but i get notified i have 0 of 5 and there's no prompt anywhere or any key bind to assign the e_breach use.
We have carriers for that.
And we do pay dearly for the privilege of micro-jumps.

They should be reserved to Carriers, while ships and taxis should follow the current rules.
Why do people who clearly have significantly more free time than others feel they have the sole right to convenience? How about, YOU HAVE A CARRIER! That's your reward for the time spent in game. The rest of us, who sigh every time our time is wasted in an already slow and grindy yet addicting and fun game, should have the game be more forgiving with time.
1) Still not exist Supercruise Assist hotkey/shortcut to fast enable/disable - it will be big user live quality change
2) This is not a bug, but UI issue. Almost all ships in shipyard have black colors - it is not very readable, because shipyard has dark background too.
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At the Hopkins station I fell through textures and ended up in outer space. It happened when I was buying equipment from a trader. I can't return into station. Relog doesn't help.
Add contribution this issue which appeared in other players "Was on the station now floating in outer space"
Help me get back to the station. What should I do?
Bug in the space.jpg
  • can we make conflict zones for ground assaults available to fly to on our own please.
  • check your conflict zones im flying into low intensity zones and seeing nothing but anacondas, pythons, and alliance crusaders and if there is the occasional vulture it is elite.(not low intensity)
  • ground cz, well lets start with the initial play though felt good point capture make it simple and very easy to do. however being that this game strives for real situations lets think about this if this is supposed to simulate a war or a battle do we just capture points and win? NO we don't. this needs to be more like these are the troop numbers defending and these are the numbers we are attacking with. allow for base turrets and aa turrets to be in effect in higher intense battles. allow for ground assault vehicles(srv) to be used allow for air support. that would really add a level of gaming that no other game designer can claim yet you simply are using other games basic simple and boring methods.
  • the weapons feel okay i dont mind the no kick because you can explaing that away in low gravity.
  • so i noticed when getting into your own ships we can here them climbing but can we get to see them climbing in. that would at least be a first step to ship interiors.
  • just gonna say it but lets do something about travel times please at least if you want to keep the drop ship concept in game then the lets make that a fade to black then descending to the planet surface. there is no reason to make that a long boring flight all yo can do is literally go that and come back quick travel will not mess with the mechanics of the game.
The SRV keybinds have a "recall" and "dismiss" ship option as direct keybinds
Is it possible to enable those SAME keybinds for "on foot" - not a new set, just use the same ones and have them dismiss/recall the ship?

Would maintain internal consistency with that function being on a keypress.

Also - if you park outside a city on a planet (landable base) - and walk in - there's nowhere to walk into/interact with to enter the station.
You also can't recall your ship until you're 4km away and that's a BIG WALK/tigger bounce

Would it be possible please to have a suit recharge in the cities somewhere ;-) I forsee many community events around these glorious cities, and is a pity you can't either recharge, call a ship down or enter the city properly on foot.
I was just going through the keybinds and saw that the on-foot controls work really well on a controller. One issue is if I set my controller up for on-foot I am unable to aim with a mouse. I can still control everything else on the keyboard side.

I can use headlook in my ship with a controller or mouse without changing keybinds. If you can copy this behaviour over to on-foot aiming that would be fantastic. Using a controller on foot is good for exploring but combat I prefer to use a mouse and at the moment I have to switch my bindings.

Although I was able to do fairly ok using a controller in low threat conflict Zone :LOL:
Hi there

I havent played the game in a while, but as an early-bird backer I am very happy to keep up with the latest news. First, thanks a lot for even bothering to update a 5 year old game. After the abuse from trolls ruined the experience for David Braben, so he no longer is the smiling figurehead of this monumental achievement is a real shame.

I cant see what the majority of complains are about, especially when it comes to skipping time in an alpha shuttle craft. I dont know anyone who would use such a thing except if their ship blew and leaving them in an SRV. Even then it would be the same speed as any other ship in the game. I expect with the first person aspect of the next update, you'll get plenty more Arcade fans wanting shortcuts and more depth. But this universe was meant to be a sim, and all this Arcadey stuff is clouding the issue. Sim Life, Sim Universe. Your servers could knock out preceedurally generated formations and life like we can only imagine, and far less convoluted than No Mans Sky.

Anyway, what I came here to write is probably a cosmetic change for the distant future, but I wanted to write it here in case I forget. On a cold planet airless planet with a warm building, you dont want all the warmth and the air to be sucked out of the door as soon as someone opens it. Same with hot planets; the air conditioner cant properly function when sand storms and 90 degree heat is coming in from the open door. Thats why I think a double door system would solve that, and also security issues. All first doors are openable, but second door needs clearance. When you open it, no draughts can take away all the heat and the air, and no sand storms or snow drifts can enter the room either. On planets with a large atmospheric pressure, or a low one, its like divers need to decompress before getting back to dry land. Anyway, double doors please.
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