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You can locate them, for sure, but you will most likely not be the first to discover them, i.e. get your nametag on them. Elite has been out for 4.3 years by this time and we explorers are a busy lot, even if we have yet to explore one percent of the galaxy's 400 billion star systems, the vast majority of the real-life systems have been visited and mapped.
You might be surprised though. There are a lot of catalog stars still untagged these days, last I heard, but they're usually the further ones, and less well known. I think a few commanders have made a hobby of finding and tagging them though, so it's just going to get more difficult with time.
Thanks for the input.
The best route seems to be this site.

They let you choose a constellation too, so might help narrow things down a bit.
And so far its the only site that gives you coordinates BEFORE you purchase your "naming rights".

Any advice on which constellation to choose? Since I'm guessing most of the "real" stars closest to Sol will be tagged is there a way to use a constellation choice to find those farther out stars the Orvidius mentioned?

As you can tell, I'm not even an amateur astronomer! :)

Thanks again all.
Real stars are in the game if that is what you are asking. Likely none that are not yet explored. I visited each of the main stars in the southern cross, for example, before the start of DWE2.

I will say that finding the real star names is sometimes a challenge. As an example, the stars in the southern cross follow a sort of naming convention but only some of those names are used by Elite while you have to find alternate names for others.

I would go with the presumption that every real star is explored as well as every star that is in or near a nebula.
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Mind The Gap!

Yep, explorers certainly are a dedicated lot, much more so than other occupations in the game. If you want your name on something based on a real place, you could always wait for the "Andromeda add on". Getting there might be tricky tho since it's a tad far (2.54 million light-years or there abouts), even for the hardened explorers of Elite. ;)
Relax everyone I am only joking! :D
Would be nice tho....:eek:
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