I used to be a Xeno-Ally

But there is nothing to be gained from this whatsoever. Literal, unequivocal; nothing. Tens of thousands of posts and current inactivity would seem to confirm that Thargoids are simply something challenging to PvE players with potential for great lore writing and some novel exploration.

Up until the other day, I hadn't even killed a Scavenger! But that has changed. "How players choose to interact with Thargoids will matter" probably meant the 'goids weren't just pure lunatic, or the evolved forms. "If there would ever be peace with the Thargoids, it would be temporary" was probably referring to the on/off cycles of battles. In any case, there is no punishment for a xeno-kill in your codex.

Just let go and go hunting.
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I am in a similar boat. Used to only feed the goids meta alloys, but now i have no qualms about attacking them as it seems that is all they are good for. I still hold out hope that gathering research tissue samples will end up not being as useless as they seem. (in a way to what was done with ua/ups causing station malfunctions, but in a positive manner.)
The crap thing with this is that Frontier will have a whole bunch of stats on it, ie what you've shot at and not etc... Which means down the line it may have turned out to matter, so what do you do? Stay xeno-ally and miss out on content on the off chance it may matter at some point?

Not sure if you are aware and maybe you don't want to know this slight bug that revealed some information :

When Thargoids came out there was some bug that seemed to indicated Thargoids have some of the faction code behind them, which of course mean the reputation system is tied in to them, it's just we've not seen it put to use yet

There are a number of things like this in ED, for example I held off naval ranking for quite a while because there was no content behind it, but 6 years later still no content so what are you going to do? If Frontier ever add some sort of missioned progression up to Admiral I'll have essentially just bypassed all that, which is a shame.

For anti-xeno route I took a 2nd cmdr, so my main is a xeno-ally but I also have a dedicated anit-xeno cmdr. It is fun to do, a new cmdr, you know the game it doesn't take you long and you can focus on building a dedicated anti-xeno ship. So suddenly you have a load of goals to achieve.

My xeno-ally has shot scavengers tho, maybe that was a mistake on my part.
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