Powerplay How to view the current CC balance?

If you look at the Galactic Powers view, and view the Details of your power, it shows a "CC Upkeep" stat. For example, on XBOX, Denton Patreus shows 1104 CC Upkeep.

Now, I just finished fortifying a system, but the CC Upkeep amount stayed the same. I thought that fortification was supposed to decrease upkeep? I'm confused.

I'm guessing that this total Upkeep stat is representative of what the Upkeep was at the end of the previous round... but how can we see what it currently is this round?

I noticed, in the Control tab, some systems which have no current fortification points, show a 0 Upkeep Cost—and when you do View on Map, in the Galaxy Map, a 0 Upkeep Cost system will show as "Fortified +21 CC" (or however much). I'm guessing that's because this is a system that was fortified at the end of the previous round... but does that mean that this system will cost the power 0 Upkeep when the current round ends and the next round starts? Should players therefore avoid fortifying systems like this, in favor of focussing on ones that show a positive Upkeep Cost? Or can we safely assume that any system that does not have at least 100% Fortification this round will be costing us?

Also why does the game let you fortify beyond 100%?
You guessed correctly. The CC Upkeep displayed is the value from the previous cycle and is used to determine you CC available for this cycle. This is what allows preparation of systems for expansion. With a negative CC balance you wouldn't be able to do this and some of your systems would be in turmoil.

You cannot see the current upkeep this round. I use a spreadsheet.

A fortified system that was not undermined costs 0 upkeep for the next cycle.

Fortifying a system allows you to reduce the total upkeep for your control systems. It is most effective when cancelling undermining, meaning you have to pay the default upkeep, but you still get the income from exploited systems. A fortified system only means 0 upkeep for that system.

It's better to counter undermining with fortification rather than fortify only as the saving is much greater.

You can fortify above 100% because as an individual you still want to get your merits. That's the current implementation, but it may be improved in the future who knows.

If you want to help your power don't fortify above 100%. Concentrate on systems that are likely to have the fortification trigger met or systems with a higher cost if undermined value.
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No you are right, if you fortify a system and it is not cancelled by undermining then it will cost 0 for the next cycle only. All fortifications and undermining are removed at cycle end.
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