How to transfer cargo to a carrier? (i feel dumb)

Hi, I only got to spend a few minuets messing with my carrier before work, but how in the world do you transfer goods to a carrier? am i missing something? There was no obvious store goods button, there was a commodities market setup, but i just want to store stuff not sell it.

I feel so confused.
My ship is full of limpets and the transfer button is whited out and won't work, am I missing some module or have I configured my carrier badly I think I set it to be an explorer and maybe It should be a miner. My plan is to explore and mine tritium on the way. can anyone help.
Cmdr Bunnyhugger.
Problem solved On my partners advice I switched it off and on again and low and behold it worked.
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Also, check your ships integrity. If your ships integrity is less than 100% your carrier wont accept the transfer. So repair this and should find the carrier will then accept the cargo transfer.
I have (one time only) had a situation where, although docked, couldn't transfer from my hold to the Carrier hold because of white button
I did an IT reset (switch it off and on again) and functionality returned.

Owned a carrier since they were launched and it only happened the one time so haven't logged a fault ticket.
Well as I mentioned above after I restored my ship's integrity to 100% the "transfer" option became active. Take note Factabulous!
Maybe the action of fixing the integrity on your ship does something similar to a relog and gets around the bug? I wouldn't think the integrity itself would purposely be a factor in not being able to transfer. I don't have a carrier myself (yet) so can't test this theory.
No need to relog or mess around with integrity. This is a bug that has remained since Beta. If transfer is greyed out, next to transfer button is FILTERS. Click on filters and tick any of the buttons, untick it and you can transfer, takes a few seconds tops.
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