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Yuri Grom
Yuri Grom does not have a community supporting him.

Not entirely accurate. Whilst it is true EGP quit PP and with it the organised ‘community’ too, there are factions and Squadrons out there who still support Grom. There have been a few attempts by individuals to organise some form of co-ordination between loyal Grom supporters but without great success.

We have seen the demise of Grom and watched the destruction within from both outside influences and internal sabotage much to the benefit of other powers. The forces behind the dismantling of Grom are powerful; they got EGP to quit PP after all, they are still there, still dominate the vote and each week try to push through systems that continue to weaken Grom and weaponise against other powers.

A group of loyal Cmdrs working together for a long time monitored this sabotage and the work behind the scenes from those still loyal and those who were trying to manipulate Grom to prevent these weaponised expansions from hurting their own powers and finally decided to do something about it.

For some time now we have tried (sometimes succeeding, sometimes failing) to prevent Grom’s position from becoming any worse. Weapons have been stopped, terrible systems have been out prepped and his cc maintained. More importantly we have noticed we are not alone in this. There are other loyal factions out there doing the same, systems still getting fortified each week, expansions being supported or opposed.

So, if you are a member of one of these supporting factions, have a vested interest in managing Grom’s cc please get in touch and we can co-ordinate actions once more. Grom still has one of the strongest economies in the game and it can be controlled.

We are not going to put an invite to our discord here just yet, simply as we don’t want to be weeding out all the Imp and Fed spies or dealing with the trolls. Our actions show we are serious and would welcome loyal supporters. DM me here, on Inara or in game, you will find me in open in Clayakarma. I would put something on Reddit but no-one responds to the request to post under Grom anymore.

Aleksander K
The Eyes of Leshak
Not entirely accurate. […] There have been a few attempts by individuals to organise some form of co-ordination between loyal Grom supporters but without great success.

Indeed, every attempt to create a new Powerplay Group for Grom has failed after about a month or so. As long as you operate in the shadows, so to speak, and make it difficult for people to join your group then you are going to struggle to get traction imho.

CMDR Justinian Octavius
Perhaps as you say, although initially we simply wanted to reach out to other already formed Sqns/factions and not step on anyone's toes, in particular EGP as they were the founders of Grom I guess. But all attempts to contact anyone from there have failed and we continue to see random commanders trying to find an organised group supporting Grom.
So as no-one else seems to want the job or take responsibility for it we will continue to balance Grom and prevent the internal and external sabotage and if anyone is interested in helping out feel free to join us.

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