How (not to) use rail guns:

Back to the thread. Rail guns are the best weapons in ED dialing them in with so many engineering possibilities. They even work against Thargoids. Just my opinion.
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Other players may not agree with you. With fixed weapons mice are much more accurate with MANY posts on the Forum for years.

Then explain how I rarely miss. Am I a God among CMDRs? Does everyone else suck? Or is the accuracy advantage of the mouse not a major factor in flight games?

Accessing the bindings between a mouse, a keyboard, a HOTAS and say an old Logitech G13 works as long as they are all connected when a player starts ED. Your turn.

So I hook up a mouse in addition to my HOSAS/T forcing me to switch hands between 4+ devices in order to access binds that my dual sticks let me do without moving my hands at all, in order to improve my accuracy beyond already-reliably-hitting. Here I am accessing every bind I need without moving a hand, clearing High CZs and doing Elite Wing Assassinations solo (not in Large ships) with fixed weaponry, and executing buttery smooth manual landings in shieldless ships . . . but apparently I've been missing out on tap dancing with my hands to eke out faster acquisition, despite my ships being incapable of making use of it like an FPS does.

Yeah. Sign me up.

[just_confess_mice_are_unqustionably_superior_you_acknowledging_they_have_advantages_isnt_enough_but_heres_a_blurb_to_dress_it_up_chummy].. Do you agree?

If you're wondering why I don't respond to you in the future, it's because you've been ignored. You likely annoy people regularly IRL with this type of condescension dressed in chumminess. It's why most people avoid game/hobby shops like the plague.

tip of the ol'fedora and farewell
HOTAS and rails do work well together, provided there is not a whole lot of deadzone added to the stick. Fine movements of the stick paired with anticipating enemy movements give good results without having to rely on keyboard and mouse. I use the latter only while on foot (and not anymore/not before Odyssey).

It is very pleasing to hit an eagle with a double railgun barrel from my Corvette. But that is rare. It is also fun punching holes in Anacondas and Cutters, that at least don't change course as quickly as the smaller ships.

:D S
HOTAS and rails do work well together, provided there is not a whole lot of deadzone added to the stick. Fine movements of the stick paired with anticipating enemy movements give good results without having to rely on keyboard and mouse.
My HOTAS is old and I've got a few deadzones to compensate for drift. Unfortunately, some of them have had to be increased over time.
Flying a ship in ED is totally all about understanding the universe you are flying in, the capabilities of the ship you are flying and the dangers you will encounter. Always be alert per your situational awareness. Engineering your ship and weapons makes this a lot easier. With excellent pilot skills a player doesn't need hull, module or Guardian shield reinforcements. Flying better than anyone else in the game wins. It totally upsets PvPers outlying them in a Type-6. Awesome flying skills does this.Less skills add expensive defense options to your ship. Enjoy.
Unfortunately, Elite places a much greater emphasis on tanking instead of skillful flying with the insane HP bloat and plethora of auto-tracking weaponry. While I am very capable of staying out of my opponent's fixed (and even gimballed) firing arc, I will be hit at some point during an engagement especially when turrets are considered (and they seemingly are a staple for NPCs). The vast majority of times I lose my shield are when I'm chewing through a ship's Powerplant from behind while eating its turret fire or its wingmate's fire, which is why I opt for more HP and less speed overall.

I had a chance to test this build yesterday in Low and High CZs, as well as against some normal assassination mission targets - it performed surprisingly well. I need to iron out a few of the finer details and improve my aim a bit more to make this build really shine.

Can I clarify and state that I failed to land a single shot with the railguns?

There were a couple of Asp Scouts I did manage to kill in the same session. Not sure if that means I'm not that bad with railguns or if it just shows how terrible the Asp Scout is.

My friends bagged the kill without me even aggroing the target. Incidentally, I was so focused on trying to line up the shots that I failed to notice that heat damage had destroyed most of the ship's modules- including life support. Forgot to screenshot that, sadly.

I'm a decent PVE pilot normally, I found my seeming ineptitude with railguns to be highly amusing.
I used to be absolute trash with rails... but then I tried AX combat.

Grab a few Gauss Cannons and all the heatsinks you can fit on your ship and go Thargoid Scout hunting with FAOFF. I swear this is the best way to really learn how to handle aiming railguns as this is how I improved - specifically in this AX FAS build, which lead me to build my current favorite Plasma Slug Tri-Rail FAS.

...which has ultimately lead me down the path of putting Plasma Slug rails on an Eagle.

Keep at it though - you'll get the hang of it eventually.

HOTAS controls are awful at this. Awesome for flying but awful for precise targeting. Bind your fire controls to the mouse much more accurate and the HOTAS fire buttons still works. Most serious players using fixed weapons fire with a mouse. It is a game actually designed using a mouse then added HOTAS support later. Trust me a basic mouse works better than the most expensive joystick you ever purchased. Go figure.

On the other hand if you are awful with a HOTAS or a mouse then learning to play a piano it is about practice, practice and did I mention practice? I can play piano and keyboards no problem with many styles. Then I tried guitars and don't think that my medium fingers are lone enough. Oh well.
I don't have a particular stance on the HOTAS vs. M&K debate, but I do use a HOTAS and I don't have issues landing precise rail shots in my FAS. I need to practice more to obtain the same precision in my Eagle... something about the Eagle's (somehow) worse yaw rate keeps throwing me off.

Also, you need to have a stable platform, and Eagles are not the most stable ones 😏
Agree on the Eagles - especially with Enhanced Performance Drives. It's possible to get used to the insane pitch rate after some time...

Bricks like the Dropship or a Gunship are awesome vessels to learn the ropes on.
I'll toss the FAS in there as well. Stupidly smooth and stable for the rotationals you get.
Dear Mrs Kleitsin,

We regret to inform you that your son immolated himself while flying his eagle, where should we send the ashes,?
I opened this thread expecting someone else to have learned the hard way what happens when you throw a couple a fuel hammers on a ship with a small fuel tank.
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