Powerplay How does you Powerplay routine look like?

Pointlessly flail at Hudson expansions, watch 1.1 million “legitimate merits” get dropped.

We like combat. A lot of combat. We would also really apreciate it if you would visit some of these expansions more frequently as we like PvP combat best of all!

Cycle 273 at Mbambiva was the best: the moment that snipe merit bomb dropped was one of my all-time best gaming moments: that cycle was just epic in terms of PvP with combat air patrol, teamwork and unrelenting, constant wing UMing at the Nav, in SC and in the Military strikes. It was hard won.

My highpoint- killing Octavius in his Cutter while he was camping the Nav. My lowpoint- Octavius and chums killing my UM conda the next day!
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