No, really. How does time function in-game?

For example;

one month = XXX minutes??

one year = XXX hours??

I know it sounds like a stupid question, especially considering I've been playing since launch, but I just haven't really gotten a clear answer on it. I don't even think the game really exaplains it.

Just looking for an answer. Thanks!
I timed it once: you get a monthly financial report pop-up every 10 minutes. Dinosaur age is measured in minutes real time (but dinos that seldom or never drop below comfort level can far exeed their life expectancy).

Edit: havent spent a lot of time on since the patch so I don't have a sense for the new lifespans.
Dinos lifetime is in minutes but since 1.4 it's been doubled so let say a dino is 100 points in lifetime it means it will die in 200minutes so 200/60 = 3h1⁄3 = 3h 20mn.
I don't even think the game really exaplains it.
It's because you can imagine it to be whatever you want. It's irrelevant to gameplay except for real life minutes represent lifespans.

It's why there is no "speed" button, or (I believe, it's been weeks since I have played) pause button (though each system has a way to pause the game for real life situations, even if there is no game specific way to do so); "game time" is imaginary, and real time measures time to accomplish events. I'm sure it's one of the biggest reasons why guest needs are so abstract, and will always be so.
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