How does Animations work?

[SOLVED] How does Animations work?

does anyone has already some success with Animations?
If yes how does they work? This is the first time i work with Bones so i does not have really good Skills in that.

I want to make my Object to ahve Animations (also a Trigger function too) but it does not work.
In the Image i attached is how i done that but like i sayd its not Ingame. Its like a Default Static Object without any Animation and Settings or something.


I hope any can help me with that.


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It looks like you have parented the mesh items to the bones. I interpret it like you didn't skin the mesh?

I don't think that will work. The game needs to know which bone affects which part of the mesh. This is called "skinning". I suggest you look up a tutorial on how to deal with skinning/rigging for your 3D app.
[woah] Its working. Thanks for your Tip with the Skinning :D

BUT... It is really really bad that you cant say that your Door gets infinite opened on Trigger 1 and then gets Closed on Trigger 2 like the Doors from the Game :(
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