How do you cause civil unrest so you can get more massacre missions?

Me and a buddy are trying to manipulate two systems to give us more massacre missions. Naturally, placing the systems in the civil unrest state gives the most PVE bounty and massacre missions. We just aren't sure how to do this. Does anyone know how to create civil unrest? I have been looking around and seeing different answers. I saw on the wiki (which is probably outdated) that smuggling large amounts of goods can cause civil unrest, but also saw that killing system authority vessels causes civil unrest. The latter is not an option because we want to have high rep with the non-anarchy factions so we get more missions.
TLDR; does smuggling large amounts of goods to a black market in the system create civil unrest for the local factions, or the controlling faction only, or none at all?
smuggling, crimes, kills, murder.
base attacks, shooting any ships of the controlling faction... such things.
and don't redeem bounties in system.

before you plan to do it - check the traffic report and the bounty report in system.
because while it is not that hard in a zero-traffic system, forget about it if substantial random traffic redeems mission npc bounties or similar.

civil unrest is simply moving the security slider (right hand panel, status) of a minor faction to the left by actions.
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note - a tip. you'll gain notoriety and be hostile, so you'll loose access to the stations they control. if you have bounties for that faction, handing those in via interstellar factor will get you back to minimum reputation for station access. at which point, you use trade of non-weapons to get back to allied, as trade does not affect security.
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