How do I update an existing asset?

I published a roman column on Steam workshop. After the fact I have updated the texture a tiny bit and removed the running cost. Now I have two columns in Planet Coaster. I don't want to submit a second column, I'd rather update the existing one. [rolleyes]

The original column already have subscribers. Would be a pity if their savegames were ruined (or their creations missing the columns) if I remove it from the workshop only to upload update.

Any devs around to answer on this?
Not only that.
Also if you Update your "Local" Object you cant Load the Savegame anymore before accepting to deleting the TMT objects from that Savegame...
Anyway sensless.
There's definitely a way of updating your submission, because several people on the steam workshop have done it to objects I have subscribed (Including Milstonebarn himself). I just don't know the process.
I would imagine what happens is if you click the upload button for the new version, it knows its a revision and updates the existing entry automatically. It should go on how its a revision of the same object in the toolkit conversion website? But I don't know for sure, I haven't been able to get to this stage myself.
I tried it.. I placed the new asset in the park, clicked the Steam icon, and got the option to update or make a new asset. :)
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