Hill Valley Clocktower and Square (2015) WIP


This is looking excellent, Crowdy.
It's so good to see this back.

Thank you very much :D And thanks again for the help with the Cafe 80s :D I'm still unsure if i should have a go at the interior. But before i do that i want to have all the Buildings in place. There is still a lot left to do.
Love the alley scene - very realistic.

This entire build goes from strength to strength. Can't wait to see what happens next.
Hello :D Update Time. I added a few bits since i posted last time and i thought i share my Progress :D

Keep in mind, things might change but this is what i got so far:







I was excited at first when the Worlds Fair Pack came out because it contains typical American Diner Pieces. The only Problem was it didn't quite fit. So i left the sides of the Building with the custom Pieces and replaced the Door i had with the Diner Doors. I am still debating if i will build an interior or not, but i guess if i will do it, then as one of the last things.

Next up on the list is the continuation of the other side of the Street with the advertisement of the Hover conversion. This, and the Building next to it is what i am working on right now.


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