Highest number of planets in a system

I've just stumbled upon a system of 88 planets/bodies, not including asteroid belts, which is the highest number I've ever seen.

I'm curious to know what the record is, knowing it must be in the hundreds!
Stumbled on an A-class with 95. Like GJ51, just to say I was there I tagged them all. Yeah, I was wee bit drunk at the time.
Not promoting drinking, but I've been there, CMDR... The thing I DO NOT recommend is canyon flying UI - with the ship itself. :D That is what SLF was created for. ;)
Got one with 98.
1st discovered 'em all (FSS, DUH!) and tagged (DSS/probes) one.

It's a shame that old 1st discoveries aren't differentiated in any way, the current easy mode 1st discoveries devaluate those countless light seconds we used to fly for DSSing the bodies (and to get 1st discovery tags).
I'm always interested to know when existing discoveries were made as I'm sure most of them are quite old. Would be good to get a date of discovery next to the explorer.
I was looking for HRGGs in a boxel north-west of Colonia and got a system with 90 bodies once. 1st discovered everything (FSS) and mapped the AW in it. It also has 1 HRGG and a Water Giant (in binary with the AW), which you can still put your name on.
It's name is Hypuejio GT-F d12-182, if you're in the area, feel free to swing by.

PS: don't worry about the "Validating" tag over there - I am on Xbox, therefore I know that bug - my real CMDR name will be there as soon as the bug gets fixed...
Found a while ago a Neutron system with 105 bodies, I wasn't the first one but that person didn't scanned the entire system, so I did the rest.
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