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Bo Marit

Lead Community Manager
Hello Zookeepers!

We know you’ve been building and playing avidly already; it’s been amazing seeing everyone’s progress! We’ve compiled a handy list of all keys used in Planet Zoo, so you can streamline your playtime even further. Also, if you have an Elgato StreamDeck, there’s a Planet Zoo Icon Pack ready to download which lets you use your StreamDeck’s hotkey functions.

Enjoy! ❤


W, A, S, D Pan Camera
Q, ERaise/Lower Camera
SHIFTIncrease Free Cam Speed
Page Up/DownZoom Camera In/Out
HomeReset Camera
TToggle Free Cam
LCamera Torch
REnter Group Edit
GShow/Hide UI
OChange Sim Speed
DeleteDelete Selected Object
CTRL XDuplicate (Advanced Move)
CTRL DDuplicate Selection
MMove Selection
ZRotate 90
Hold ZFree Rotate
HToggle Heatmap View
IEnter Multi-Select Tool
FPosition Snap Toggle
VAlign to Surface Toggle
KFlatten Terrain Toggle
SpaceToggle Angle Snap
U/JRaise/Lower Path
X (in Paths)Toggle Path T-Junction
(in Terrain)
Decrease/Increase Length
Decrease/Increase Intensity
[ / ]
(in Terrain)
Decrease/Increase Width
Decrease/Increase Brush Size
NEnter/Exit Align to Grid
BToggle Align to Placement
V (in Paths)Toggle Curved Slopes

Menu Shortcuts:

F1Control Help
F2Exhibit Trading
F5Save Menu
F9Load Menu
1Zoo Management
2Animal Trading
Heeeey Bo 🙂👋 thank you... can you maybe add a document data (word, pdf) to these shortcuts, so we can download it to our cellphone or maybe can print them? 🙂 So we wouldn't have to visit the forum to take a quick look on it. 😊
Hello, can you make the same for azerty keyboard or make the game support it ? because many of that keys didn't work for me, pls thx
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Keyboard shortcuts are so useful, thank you! One suggestion - could a shortcut be added for toggling barriers between straight and curved? I find I need that function a lot when building, and haven't found a shortcut that works for it.
Thanks for the list.
I often do custom fencing to decorate my paths. Often they end up in a group, which is fine on straight paths but a nightmare if you have to use Y very often (Or Z with you all, right? German Keyboard here.)

So: A hotkey to EXIT a group would be reeally helpful and apreciated.
Thanks Bo, this is really useful! If only we had CTRL+S to quick save so I wouldn't have to go to the F5 menu all the time 😭 Ah well, it won't be that bad once most of the crashes are patched out.
I swap one keybinding so the "Space" button becomes "pause". it allows for a quicker reaction time when I want to pause the game than the 'P' button allows.
ESC is your best friend there ;) But if you have an active piece you need to press ESC twice, first to let go of the piece, second time to exit the group.
But I would like to keep the piece, just don't want it grouped. Grid objects always want to snap into grid again, even when I don't want.
This is great, thank you! An additional request: it would be nice to be able to map the screen rotation to keys rather than just the mouse buttons. Thanks again for the great communications. Loving the game!
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