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Im trying to re take a system. I fought and won a lot of conflict zones but ive gone from a victory to a draw. are there other, more efficient ways of contributing to the war effort? the war has gone on for 4 days so i think it will end tommorow or the day after.
Looks like you've settled in a system with a fair sized player group occupying it. They're in 37(?) systems, control 7, are currently involved in 8 wars/elections (4 of which they seem to be actively fighting), with 2 more wars pending. You may need to find some allies.
im on pc, maybe it i stay up late enough ill be able to see them
Just note, being able to see and even fight any opposition generally won't do you any good. Winning wars is all about the actions you take supporting/hurting NPCs. Any desired effect of PvP on the enemy is usually less effective than simply fighting the war.

Though I note it's a Federal faction trying to topple an Anarchy in a Delaine system. Maybe @Rubbernuke has some Archon buddies who can help, since independents are good for the Archon.
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honges, im supporting the honges silver drug empire and wer are fighting against the cavalry command of yuma. I looked up their minor faction on INARA.CZ it looks like they do have a couple of supporters

Archon likes confederacy govs (i.e. they are useful), while anarchies are 'neutral' and do nothing. The reason you are probably losing is that someone has clocked your war for this reason. It might be that if you win it causes problems for the Kumo.

If you want to adopt an abandoned PMF or faction that will help Delaine check out the discord link here- either way have a chat, they are cool.

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