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Hi Frontier team and everyone else on this forum,

I'm already really excited for Planet Zoo, I almost can't wait till the beta!
I just had a idea for Planet Zoo that I would love to see in the game.

In almost every zoo there are options to join a guided tour, most of the time guided by one of the zookeepers. Visitors are happy to pay (a lot) extra for this, especially for a 'behind the scenes' tour. I think this would be very cool in Planet Zoo: visitors can buy tickets at the information desk and gather at the right time on a certain place. From there they get a guided tour, would be cool if the player can set the parameters for this tour.
For a behind the scenes tour they could visit the inside of a habitat and even visit some staff buildings.

Again, really looking forward to the game, thanks to people like Rudi Renkamel and DeLadysigner I'm all hyped up :-D

Regards, Jeroen


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Hello Jeroen, welcome the the forums! Great to see that you are hyped for Planet Zoo! :D

Thanks for your suggestion. It would be great to have guided tours in Planet Zoo. We could see a group of guests gathered to listen to a zookeeper/guide in the Planet Zoo announcement trailer, although that was not in-game footage, so it might have been just an idea for a feature.

It's going to be interesting to see which new features will be revealed in the upcoming weeks!
At the very least it looks like we’ll get educational talks a la the educator staff in the zoo tycoon series (AFAIK in the first game they actually did give tours, albeit very short and easy to miss that they were happening) which is what I assumed was happening in that shot, though it could well be part of a guided tour! I think it would be fun to have them.
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