Guardian fsd prep

Interesting side note, once I gathered all the mats, I noticed my ships point defense fired a total of 543 times. I was only hit by 7 missiles.
Coooool! I love seeing the PD's at work during PVE. Makes me feel like I'm NEO blasting away at Matrix sentinels.
As far as I remember there are 4 sentinel spawn sites (one in each corner) as well as the sentinels that spawn during the timed run. When I did it I went round and forced the 4 corner sites to spawn one by one and picked up the mats at my leisure (they don't spawn a second time), that way I didn't have to worry about them spawning when the pressure was on.
When you got new 1st visit site:
1. Fly until you find center computer from the air. Land close to it.
2. Go to center and spawn 1 power source, that will spawn it's guardians.
3. Drive around and kill all guardians, make sure you found and remembered 6 power sources total.
4. Drive each power source using your memory and power up.

See, no map is needed and works for any site.
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