German Main Train Station w/ Beer Hall and Shops

G'day everyone [happy],

I've been playing around with new World Fair's DLC over the last week (As i'm sure a lot of you are) and sort of had this going as a side project. I decided to actually finish it off and uploaded it to the workshop last night.
I just wanted a European style station reminiscent of the ones I used to see all over the place in Germany while I was living there but also kept referring to Luxembourg station, Belgium as I built.. So it's European with a few very German touches! [happy].. Speaking of German touches I know those Tudor walls are more of a residential or small building thing but you know, when it planetcoaster [wink] There is only one platform but I figured people would most likely only need one platform most of the time.. I might in the future make a little modular extension that can easily be dropped on in a later blueprint for a truly central station.

The interesting stuff;

  • Large German/ European style Central Station
  • Condensed footprint
  • Large traditional custom beer hall adorned with two decks for guests to laze about on
  • 3 food stores and 2 shops all with that euro flare.
  • Business under the hood - ATM, Staff Room and Information booth included
  • Extensive use of arrows as a path guide (grouped for easy delete later)
  • 2,400 pieces (not including pathing arrows)
  • $21,800 in game
frisch wie eine Brötchen ;)

Hope you guys like it and it gets some use. Any feedback (advice) is always appreciated!,
Just some screenshots so you can get an idea


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