Release gap_jumper: a tool to find the most efficient route (materials wise) in low density star regions

You are out there in a region of the galaxy with a low star density?
The automatic route plotter can't find a path to where you want to go?
You may manage to get through this region with boosted jumps, but you are low on materials?

Fret not! I've written a program that helps you to find a route in such regions under the condition that as few as possible boosting materials are to be used.

The program can be found here.

It was actually released already a year ago, but I wrote about it just in the Exploration sub-forum. So regarding further discussion and how the algorithm of this program works please see the posts there.

Anyway, the first version ran in the shell and the user had to run the code to run the program. But than I've got four users (incl. me) and I sat down and wrote a GUI version. And now I even provide an executable file for non GNU/Linux operating systems (I won't guarantee that it works, though).
Thus, I thought it is justified to have a separate thread in that.

Fly safe commanders.
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