General gankers blocking ports and boosting

well when he move i saw a message a system defence initializes or something similar to that.and alot of people were complaining about him. has he was also AFK! but i try ram also shot missiles and a 3e beam lazer on 4 pips at him without any effects . but never mind i gave up on pp or bgs and the squad.and gone back to indep solo mode while i explore
Cant your group now get a Fleet Carrier, with all functions, and park it at the Station planet, and dock on that? You can hand in bounties etc on a FC if you have the module.
Whatever it takes.
ever heard the path to hell is paved with good intentions or Most of the evil in this world is done by people with good intentions. how about How many mistakes does it take before you’re bad? Does it start with a little white lie, and slowly progress to fraud . . . and worse? Does it matter if you do the wrong thing for the right reason?
i do believe there are members of the group Doing exactly that using fleet carriers. But we really shouldn't need to do this to get packages in stations. Forts or expansion and it takes out genuine pve actions or pvp from legitimate factions.

another solution would be to added a certain amount of timed for the ship outsided the stations to clear mail slots and hyperjump zone areas or face death from security forces to act we have a proper safe zone around stations and that no one is allowed to stop or keep hardpoints open or to float around outside 1st exclusions zone.

you got to remember there are two zones to each stations. 1 for the mail slot clearance and the other is the hyperjump both have the 100 speed markers attached to them.
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No hacks or anything unusual at all required for what the OP is describing, even if the OP doesn't understand the mechanisms behind what's being described.

All station weapons have reverberating cascade, but the number of hits that most ships will take from the time the starport opens up till the time the ship is clear of any station weapons will often be insufficient to knock out even a modest integrity generator, let alone destroy the block of HRPs underneath.

Station lasers only have a range of ~3km and station autocannons only have a range of ~8km (FCs are a bit more dangerous as they have 8km lasers, but tougher ships can still escape from them). If you are leaving the station, even an Anaconda is fast enough to clear the range of the lasers by the time a bounty is issued for a ram kill in the letterbox.

Increasing station firepower, yet again, is not a real solution here. It's been done three times already and is already more than enough to make things that were implied as possible gameplay near the vicinity of starports impossible. More firepower will not address underlying rules-of-engagement that allow ships to exceed station range within seconds of turning the station hostile, nor will it enable the persistence required for C&P mechanisms to make it the tactics described non-viable.
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