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The TKOTH gamemode is pretty neat, however on extended combat scenarios becomes a war of attrition amongst the commanders, especially at CZ's that have no base power. The map does have ammo boxes and suck scattered around, but they don't refresh.

I recommend having a periodic supply drop of batteries and medkits, probably right at the control points that are captured or at a dedicate re-arm point.
main issue in phase 2 so far is where I acquired a fine and later tried repaying it on the station's authority office, but after clicking the button to pay it, screen seems to load for a few seconds and then nothing changes, as a my account stays the same as well as fine is still there, unable to access station services. Just downloading something, hope it fixes it.
what am I downloading now anyone knows? I already sucked up the phase 2 update this afty. is it a hotfix or soumin? no mention on steam or here
So far so good; Missions seems to be updated correctly now; thanks for fixing this.

Also the extra info in the mission panels are a godsend, I should not guess what is needed; I like to see it in the job description. And expect that if a mission require something extra, the pay reflects that, and it is up to me to accept it or not.

Conflict zones are a lot of fun; although the swap between weapons is quite time consuming and leave you open to be attacked. That should be much faster than that. Also the mouse wheel allow to swap only between primary weapons; not sure why you do not allow to swap across all the weapons and tools; so I don't have to fight the keyboard while trying to avoid to be hit, recharge my weapon and swap to the recharge tool to reload my battery.
Also settlements are often empty; not sure if this is part of the reset of the conflict zone or not, but happened often to be in a totally empty zone.

On the subject of batteries, both suit and especially the combat suit are power hungry. I like the idea of power being limited; although on a ship I can keep shields on without a considerable amount of power being drawn, so why on foot I have to pay penalty for having the shields on ? Keep the energy to power the suit; but reduce the rate at which the energy deplete, both for shields on and off. I died more times because I forgot to check my energy level than because I was shot.

Also please reconsider this suit-tools nonsense; allow suits to have different slots to equip tools and weapons, and have some perks for specific areas like resilience for combat suit or range for explorer suit or power burst/scanner for scavenger suit. I can't imagine to have to change suit just because I need the analyzer or cutter; you can have a single multi-tool that does everything, other games do exactly that and everything works fine. Suits should have advanced features that justify their existance, not being pre-configured set up.
Not sure if its intended or a graphical glitch, sometimes downed NPC's in the on-foot CZ's flash red and green squares as their death animation. If it is intended, I think its a really neat hint at the Holo-me lore.
Greetings Commanders,

This thread is for posting your Phase 2 gameplay and design related Odyssey feedback.

Please keep each post brief and to the point, stating your observation/suggestion. This will allow us to easily collect and pass along all the feedback.

Avoid replying to other posts. This is not a discussion thread. If you would like to discuss Odyssey features/content please create a new thread. Moderation actions will be taken on posts that ignore this rule.

This post is not for bug reports. Please report those via the Issue Tracker.

I would like to continue my point from the last phase. Please make the consumable items such as meds and cells keybinds as well as the quick wheel.

Additionally, I like the UIs but the lack text on unselected elements on the ship loadout screen is difficult - its a bit of a step back in terms of usability in my opinion.
Multi-Crew / Team is completely screwed up. We tried it several times, but ultimately it led to a rage quit. We were eventually able to multi-crew, but that only works while your in ships. Then we tried teaming up, but the desynchs were absolutely nuts.

Decent arcade game, but multiplayer needs some major help in the Alpha.

Combat is now absolutely nuts, the shields on the NPC are strong enough to tank a SRV, and their weapons are strong enough to kill a Cobra. Additionally, it takes a whole magazine just to reduce the NPC's shields.... Right now, they are in god mode.
They keep saying in the streams that the flashlight uses a lot of power - how is this even remotely possible? Even today in 2021 you can get really bright LED flashlights that can be powered for 30m to multiple hours on a small little battery.

Compared to keeping a commander warm at 50 kelvin temperatures, or powering a shield, no flashlight should even register for power usage.

I really hope we won't have to turn off the flashlight to save power - it just doesn't make sense.
Phase 2 feedback:

  • accessing system map takes forever now, a regression from Phase 1. There's a "loading simulation" message spinning for quite a while and it didn't actually complete at all when accessing planetary map.
  • in system map, after changing to orrery view, there is no way to come back to previous view, ESC goes back to main menu
  • booking Apex long range to Nervi takes me to orrery view, which doesn't allow for selecting a drop off point, you must change to map view
  • why do I have to board my ship to select ship missions? The terminals at the station should be able to offer both ship and on-foot missions. I am able to complete a ship mission at the terminal inside the concourse, so it seems very inconsistent. On that note, why are the UIs different for ship missions and on-foot missions?
    UI consistency is important!
  • I'd like to be able to browse shipyard, purchase, store modules, etc. when on-foot inside the concourse. Having to board a ship in order to do that is pretty bad.
    Unify UIs, have them be consistent and accessible anywhere, whether on-foot inside the concourse or when boarded and docked inside the ship!
  • when accessing missions when on your ship, why is there an additional screen to select mission board, community goals or passenger missions? This used to be accessible from one screen. Adding one more step is terrible. Now exiting out of this means one more step.
    The UI is already too big and has too much wasted real estate.
  • when in "manage your ships" screen, it would be nice if there was a button that takes me to outfitting, instead of having to back out of multiple screens and then select outfitting.
  • There is way too many screens to jump through! And you seem to keep adding more.
  • new darker galaxy backdrop is great, more realistic than current one. However, ship interior gets very dark without a star nearby. It would be nice to have a light inside our ship, that can be turned on and off (similar to small lights inside of a car)

Lighting and shadows: if you lower shadow setting down from ultra to high, it's rather broken:

  • at the station, light and shadows flicker and pop in and out of existence
  • lighting in general is all over the place, flickering and abruptly changing
  • after disembarking if you look at the Apex ship, everything is brightly lit. If you look away, lighting abruptly switches to normal, correct state.

If I set shadows to ultra, it's much improved. However, the lighting still changes abruptly.
it's 2021, we need to have multiple light sources seamlessly and smoothly handled!
I think you already switched to deferred rendering so I hope this will be fixed.

Even on 3090 RTX it's rather slow, which is quite unbelievable.
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Just finished a play session and have the following initial thoughts/feedback:
  • It's GLORIOUS to finally be out of Adityan and away from those huge travel time to/from missions.
  • Being able to walk around my own ship while it's on the landing pad is fantastic
  • The ship outfitting screen has gained extra clicks to complete the same functions as it did previously and some of the labellings of class sizes, etc is not immediately clear. I fitted a class 3 shield in a class 4 slot and was completely unaware I had done that till I was in supercruise looking at the module list! The current module list in Horizons is much clearer to work out what the module is looking at. The design has promise, it just needs clearing up and further UX refinement.
  • The Dominator suit having two primary weapons is nice, can take a laser and a kinetic main gun for shields and health killing
  • The Dominator suit however seems to be a bit on the thirsty side power-wise. Did a settlement raid mission and I was looking for power points more than I was ammo!
  • I feel the dominator suit is too light on consumable carry capacity - grenade numbers are nice but to me, this seems the hulking tank-type suit and only 2 power is overly-restrictive especially with how thirsty the suit is and by its nature, it's going to be having the shields running most of the time. I think this suit should be one of the most power-efficient suits balanced against the fact you can't do much else other than fight. Either that or turn down the shield drain for the Dominator so it can remain shields on and operate for a similar length of time
  • The Dominator suit didn't seem to be able to take hits any better than the Maverick suit, again as the frontline combat suit it should have better armour IMO
  • I love that getting into an SRV recharges your suit power. Makes total sense both thematically and gameplay-wise.
  • I also love that the SRV is a mobile inventory allowing for items to be dropped off or picked up from it - it behaving as a mobile base will open so many gameplay modes.
I did see a bug with settlement defences which I would log but the issue tracker web page is bugged for me and won't let me get past the 3rd step (the fact that the bug reporting tool is itself broken has had me chuckling - tried different browsers and devices with no luck). I cleared the settlement, cloned a worker who had lv3 clearance, entered the CMD building and deactivated all of the defences via the screens (anti-ship, point defence, anti-personnel, authorisation scans, alarms). I went and got the SRV once the base had all the hostilities killed so I could see what stuff I could do with an SRV in the settlement but when I came back with it all of the defences were active, red on radar, and started shooting at me.

Stability-wise all good for me, the frame rate on a 1060 on 'Mid' was fine. The only slow down I had was by crashing the SRV into a lampost and it than kicking up a lot of dust - the frame rate plummeted when I did that
Not a fan of the new station menus from onboard your ship - feels clunky and too many steps to get to what used to be clean and easy steps.

Do not like the pop over windows, they make the interface feel busy and cluttered - go back to replacing the main menu screen instead of putting things over the top

also.. pls read on UX design... clicking on crew lounge still uses the older method, but the edges of the interface shift (crew page is more top left than the main station screen)

I do like some of the new icons but please... keep the menus consistent, not jumping location, size or popping on top of other menus 🤦‍♂️
Once the Cmdr owns a ship it appears impossible for them to go back to being without one - no option to sell the ship the Cmdr is 'attached to' or using.

Having to go all the way down to the hangar to change clothes is fine (sort of) for Cmdrs who own ships. What about a changing booth, or even a small hotel room, so that on foot players aren't forced to sleep next to Pete when they log off.
Character anim Emotes please. players like to interact when they meet eachother. plus some basic communication like pointing or holding up your hands would prevent those little accidents we all love so much.

also you can sell exotic ones, and we all know you love that stuff :p
Probably has been mentioned before, but for stations on planets, there needs to be an option to exit to the area outside of the station.

Right now, you have to get into your ship and deploy an SRV or launch your ship and land outside the base, just to disembark again.

There should just be an option to go directly to the outside area of the base on-foot.
I was told by the stream today to come and explain a revive system... If i have to explain a revive system to a game developer, explain what it is that you do again...

On that note why isn't there a revive system in this? we are here for a space SIM not an FPS game like call of duty. We have went back and forth on the reasons we were the ship not a commander for a long time, now we are clones? in a simulation? what is going on here? Why cant we revive our friends while we are raiding a base? what if we are exploring and someone gets handed a bad hand and trips over a rock and all their health is gone? I can't revive my mates in game? this seems like a simple thing here. If i need to I can ELI5 and tell you to let us use the secondary interaction button of F to use med kit on a player... Two interaction buttons? what is this some kind of SIM game or something?
FLS Vultures, whilst hovering over a settlement, are extremely destructive to sidewinder shields and hull if they happen to nudge you. It was a bit like bumping the toastrack in Premium Beta. Clang, you're dead!
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