Gameplay Feedback Phase 2

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Start the tutorial, then skip it using the escape menu.

Then, you can use Inter Astra to do ship stuff.

This is a bit silly - why not just have all options open?
Lol...this is definitely a bit silly. I get that its for new players...but I feel like the tutorial check should be turned off for alpha
Some combat feedback:
  • Seems like the netcode is somewhat bad? I'm seeing cmdrs popping in and out of existence
  • Energy comsumption of the combat suit is awful, seems like EVA-01 simulator
  • Ammo count still too low
  • The ALT radial menu stops you from moving
  • I remember having quite a lot of consumables on Phase 1. But seems like it was either wiped or it isn't auto refilled like when using the Maverick suit
  • Dying in combat doesn't let you respawn at the site. I know that on a confict zone on ship you wouldn't, but you have to go to a desk, sign up for a CZ, get on the shuttle, and after getting killed, you respawn at the STATION. Seems backwards.
Will keep playing

Update: Yeah the consumables got wiped
The changes to the Inventory and Storage tabs clarify the items management somewhat, thanks.

The ship management is still quite confusing. I could see I had a Cobra at the current station, but couldn't take the lifts to it. I tried Inter Astra and it was only giving me the option to transfer my Sidey from another station. I tried that, and then was able to switch ships to the Cobra.

  • Weapons feel inconsequential - no recoil, no 'meaty' sounds (OK, I know, space, can we take some liberties with acoustics?), Whole thing feels really clunky - low FPS, and inconsistent turning rate making it difficult to aim properly.
  • TTK of standard enemies still feels way too high - even with the laser rifle/kinetic weapon swap.
  • As others have said, being able to mod loadouts in more places would be nice. Oh and binoculars as part of loadout please.
  • OK - this is really going to tank the framerate, but marker flares? Smoke or aerosol dispensers against lasers?
  • No real combat missions available for low rank/poor equipment? Where are the rating 0-2 combat mission 'milk runs'.
  • Frontlines: Watched a Vulture take a rocket - exploded and disappeared, no debris, no ship remains. Rocket must be more powerful than those I've got on my Corvette to take a Vulture down that fast. How about toning handheld weapons down, but add crewable vehicle/turret defences against ships? (Lot more work I know).
  • Frontlines: Watched a whole herd of AI troops face off against each other on different sides of a locked door. Tried to cut the panel at the side of the door for them, but was constantly jostled by the AI. Panel got stuck in the door anyway. Got shot by a CMDR whilst laughing at the situation.
  • Mostly, there might be a kernel of something enjoyable here if the framerate was much, much higher/smoother. I don't really want to be constantly adjusting the settings up for space, but down for ground.
Landed on a small planet with a weak atmosphere, drove around and stretched my legs. When leaving I couldn't get into supercruise or jump to another system. And ESC key didn't work either
First impression about combat zones:

  • Seems quite fun
  • a cqc like game, but integrated into the main game

- maybe a bit too arcade for the main game, but not that much

Overall, i think it's nice to have it. Maybe in future you'll manage to find integrate cqc into the main game in a similar way
Also, I saw a vulture land, and it completely FLOORED my FPS. I'm running a 2060 with a Ryzen 3700X. I haven't downgraded my graphics but it cannot be THAT outdated right? After a bit it came back to normal
This Morning Fdev made an error and placed plasma weapons in the store along with the white suit. Having earned a few creds doing the alpha missions over the last few days i decided to splash out on these items .

I have spent all day today trying to sort out the controller conflicts and to my surprise was kicked from the Alpha build. On logging back in i found myself in my flight suit with all weapons and other suits removed I am back to square one for the crime of not monitoring the forums.

Whilst I can understand FDEV removing the items they mis takingly released this morning I cannot understand why I have had all items removed and also lost the level 2 upgrades i have taken the time to work on for the kinematic and takada weapons.

Thank you FDEV

Please, for the love of god, bring back the old menu for ship customization. It was SO much faster to transfer modules, and set up the ship. This UI takes multiple clicks to do the same thing that one click did before, and you have to back out of certain menus just to install stored modules.
100% THIS!! The Livery UI is 100% the same - but the ship outfitting & customization - while snazzy looking - is REALLY bothersome...Example - why are we now "counting spots" for Module Class sizes? Maybe they should be show their values in an abacus?

I can live with the SysMap / GalMap upgrades - but the shipyard & outfitting needs to get filed in the 'round storage cabinet'....

Related / Not related: While I agree that some of the station / mission UIs are improved ('Completed Missions' is great - no scrolling through various factions to hand in missions) - please think about this in practical terms: let's say I want to support a faction (ex my alt just started a PMF) - I want to do ALL types of missions for that ONE faction....but from the mission board - I will now have to click through all the mission variants to see what's available: Combat, Transport, Freelance, Operations, Support etc etc.

Could you perhaps add 'By Faction' in the 'All Missions' View - and then group them?

UI Visuals: 4 - 4.5 stars Overall
UI Usability: 2 - 2.5 stars (ships / on foot / missions) / 4 stars SysMap & GalMap
Trying to use right click [Mouse 2] to back up in conversations with NPC's don't work.
Night vision seems to not work on foot.
Switching between weapons feels clunky. I know this isn't Borderlands, but it can be smoothed out.
Reactivation Missions still don't work sometimes, and trying to re-do them by going back in usually results in death.
NPC's gang up on you, and it doesn't make it easier when they travel in herds. Of course they will call for reinforcements, but I can't do much when 5 npcs cram up the only entrence to the power plant.

Good job with making it easier to use the chat on foot, you guys got most of the important stuff down. But playing Odyssey is still not a pleasant experiance. Most of the problems have to do with missions.
Combat difficulty for low zones IMO was perfect. I'm not great at FPS so accessible combat at an entry level is very important to me. I Just had my first Frontline Solutions battle and I loved it!

The biggest issue I have come across so far is if I alt+tab out of the game I can't alt+tab back in. This used to work fine in phase 1. I tried submitting an issue report but the site wouldn't let me click submit.
I may have missed it but are there no Energy Cell crates in the CZ's? I've ran out of power a few times now, and ran around the base to look for where to recharge. I think it would be good if these were also on the radar, like the Ammo boxes are.
Galaxy Map :

  • I tried to purchase UC Data for the surrounding Systems. Due to the "Iconification" of everything, took quite a while to figure out where to go to achieve this
  • purchasing UC Data for Systems does not indicate the price anymore right now (no indication if there might be something cool to look at in a purchased System or if there might be none at all - or many Planetary Bodies to investigate)
  • many clicks were needed where the old Galaxy Map would offer anything in a single view (1 click, mouse-over, 1 click and you're done... fast and intuitive)

System Map :
  • suffers basically from the same "Iconification" , many clicks needed to get the desired information. Then another click to switch to any Body.
  • trying to find one of the new landable tenuous Atmospheric Planets to check on the new Vistas? Seems only possible via NAV Panel or manually checking every single one (I see no difference between non-landable Atmo Planets and landable Atmo Planets in the System Map on 1st sight)

Both currently IMHO suffer from severely degraded usability and severe fragmentation of relevant Data and/or most common User Interactions/Requests throughout over a dozen different sub-tables.
On top, the UI seems to completely break with the old UI standards, so everything is now at a dedicated & different location and also has different naming conventions.

I really wish we could get some of the mouse-over and single/two-click Options back from the old User Interface.
  • quick opening of System Map via Galaxy Map? Used to be Mouse-over, a little to the right and click. Now the option sits on the far right of the Screen
  • quick assessment of System Map data already available? Used to be greyed out icon right next to the System in the Mouse-over Menu. Now as well far-right screen.
  • quick transition from Galaxy Map to System Map? Used to be minimal Mouse motion onto the Icon and 1 click. Now on the far right of Screen (and it may be greyed out if unavailable)
  • change of Systems within UI visibility? Used to be quick mouse-over. Now requires a manual click on desired Target System.

In short : Accessibility, it currently has suffered alot and IMHO needs massive streamlining/optimization, otherwise it'll be quite a break.

Audio :
  • anytime I'm on foot, I need to crank up the Volume of my speakers by at least 25%, otherwise things are too silent/inaudible
  • back in the Ship (or an Apex Shuttle), I always realize this is way too loud now, forcing me to manually adjust my speakers again quite a bit

IMHO the on-foot audio (anywhere) could use quite a bit of a Volume boost, at least the way I experienced it so far (playing off a rather potent Teufel Motiv 5 Surround System).
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Ready to roll.
I really have to wonder if this was even tried by FD.
Admittedly a low-effort illustration, but why the old HUD should have worked fine for Elite Feet; is a brilliant treatment of so much information.

Players could likely keep using a HOTAS setup with the same mappings for most on-foot functions as in the ship, and would have already been right at home with where to find functions and information.
  • Suit power-up check like pre-flight check.
  • speed becomes health, heat gauge stays but shows cold as well.
  • Power distribution mechanic for suit: SYS, ENG (Jetpack?), WEP.
  • 3d radar view so when AI jump, get on top of buildings (or we are down a cliff), the 'radar' would show their elevation difference. SRV does this with terrain already. Buildings can be accommodated with our height level becomes mini-map of the building level we are on.
  • NAV panel navs on foot and let's us review mission objectives and key mission notes, request entry to buildings and target special sub-systems
  • Ship panel becomes Suit panel with all current functions but for the suit like weapon loadout, energy priority assignment, GalNet news access, local politics access, backpack contents, etc.
  • Comms panel stays the same except have a ship/foot and proximity toggles.
  • Roles panel to give squad instructions, call ship, Apex, or Dropship back to get us.
I know FD can't please everyone but I'm boggled at the from-scratch effort at UI


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Really enjoying it again, so it makes the negative aspects stick out:

Quick chat can now be opened, but breaks the game most of the time, by soft-locking me. Tried on two keybinds and ended up stuck both times.

Multicrew is quite broken, I hope the headline feature of Odyssey for me works better than multicrew does now...

SRV seat clips through the bottom of the SRV.

I'm getting a lot of issues turning in missions and using interstellar factors. Can't use the complete mission button, it immediately backs out. Interstellar factors doesn't recognize that I have a bounty, in the station hub or starport services.
The art team has done amazing work here. It's a pity the new UI behind them is so clunky. I know the FDev coders have every skill needed and more to be able to make the whole game have a consistent UI. Please, click and hold needs to be OPTIONAL.
Some of the design decisions made here are nonsensical. Why not put a copy/pasted lift door at the top of the entry ramp to ships? It'd have been less effort than a blue circle and would have looked and felt so much better! The new galaxy map looks wonderful, but click and hold is not a good choice, an option to use the old click to select and click to do stuff on a sub menu is so much more flexible. Clicking on a star to examine information about it is as common a use for me as it is to plot a route.
This is an Alpha, so the option to change and improve the game based on feedback exists, right? I know Fdev can do this all so much better, I also know the coders who built this game are not the ones behind the silly choices from above, they did a great job making an FPS from scratch in their engine. Now if some of the choices those fine coders were asked to implement were changed, this has so much potential.
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