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Greetings Commanders,

This thread is for posting your Phase 2 gameplay and design related Odyssey feedback.

Please keep each post brief and to the point, stating your observation/suggestion. This will allow us to easily collect and pass along all the feedback.

Avoid replying to other posts. This is not a discussion thread. If you would like to discuss Odyssey features/content please create a new thread. Moderation actions will be taken on posts that ignore this rule.

This post is not for bug reports. Please report those via the Issue Tracker.

"Fixed graphical issues experienced when entering and leaving ‘local map’ on foot"

Well, I can already tell you it's not fixed.

Trying to find the previous report on the bug tracker to say it there, but not having much luck.

ETA: well, maybe half fixed. The issues repair themselves eventually now, at least.
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Phase1 terminated with my CMDR in transit. Now in Phase 2 I'm trapped in an Apex shuttle, heading towards Huygens Enterprise 133000ls away.
It took a couple of minutes to enter supercruise.
maybe the shuttle should have landed nearest base (oh, and the mission terminated)
New on foot chat isnt accepting /system command, and after a couple tries it locked up so I can't do literally anything at all.

Escape doesn't get me out and thus I can't even exit the game without alt-F4.
I tried to /system, it failed, then I opened the Q comms and made one chat comment, closed it, and then tried HUD chat and that gave me the lockup.
EDIT: Just did it again. Trying to enter /system followed by some text seemed to lock me into the HUD chat once again.

It also has overlapping text when commanders say something that's more than one line. The second line overlaps the next chat entry.

Also the Q comms is still intermittently kicking me out of the text entry and deleting anything I had entered.

Also, need a way to darken the background of the chat area. Maybe there is and i haven't found it yet.
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I was in a shuttle during the update. When I landed, the Disembark button does not function.

I am completely stuck in this taxi and can't get out. Relogging does not help.

EDIT: Relogging the 4th time helped.
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All I am seeing in Pioneer supplies are the things we already had and the Doninator suit, nothing else, no Artemis suit and no new weapons.
So, just felt like saying this although a bunch of people have probably already said it, but Ship Interiors would make travel times more bearable. I know you guys are adamant about not adding them at launch because you don't see the potential gameplay opportunities, but there is a lot of potential there.
1) Having Ship interiors could give a more immersive, interesting way to adjust your on-foot loadout than the existing menu system. It could work like in GTA Online where you have a weapon locker or weapon room in your ship, perhaps attached to the cockpit, where you can go to adjust your loadout. Also a 'wardrobe' where you can change your character's current suit as well as other cosmetics for our commanders. Also, this could make the transfer of consumables and items between your ship and your backpack more elegant as the current system is a bit clunky.
2) Add simple maintenance or tuning gameplay or minigames which can be performed in various areas around the ship that can give a minor or modest temporary gameplay advantage gameplay for ship based gameplay. This would give all players, not just those more focused on FPS gameplay something to do during some of those rather long Supercruise trips. Perhaps there could also be an area for suit maintenance to give you a temporary onfoot advantage like slightly longer sprint time or cooldown, or optimize shields for just a tiny bit more resistance.
3) Luxury Apex Vessels. If a player is sufficiently wealthy they should be able to book a luxury Apex taxi (perhaps a Dolphin?) with a luxury cabin away from the cockpit with some additional amenities. They could come with some free consumables that you can pick up for the mission before you reach the destination. Alternatively, if you prefer something a bit more utilitarian there could be a small shooting range in the ship to pass time and to help players improve their aim. All of these amenities would of course be purchasable and installable for player owned ships as well.
4) This one isn't for travel time mitigation. You could have some more gameplay for Starports besides just the social hubs and shops. There could be some missions where a mission-giver asks you to infiltrate an NPC commander's ship to retrieve either some cargo, some data, or to sabotage it for them. You'd take the lift to their hangar bay and would have to find your way in, there could be various methods in such as an E-Breach, some laser cutting, etc.

Come on guys, I know this would take time and resources to implement but if I can come up with these ideas in my spare time then don't tell me there's no gameplay opportunities in having Ship Interiors. Also if these features took more time to implement I doubt anyone would complain about a delay, also you could always bump up the price of Odyssey a bit for a the extra work you weren't anticipating to add.
Please bring back
- "in galaxy map, Map Modes" while "enabling or disabling checkbox filters" the ability to "click once with the mouse, while holding the mouse button down, move mouse down the list to enable / disable the remaining chekboxes"

Pretty please - it was such a QoL feature when we have multiple checkboxes of the same type.

I love the new interface now though, it feels more modern. Thank you for revamping it!
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  • Graphics tweaks so far look great (hyperspace animation etc.)
  • Combat is fun, perhaps a touch too easy?
  • The interior of the Vulture is VERY dark, can't see much at all until launching.

It'd be nice too if - rather than a short battle and back to the station - we could tee up more battles. E.g. win this one, onto the next. Win that? Onto the next.
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