ANNOUNCEMENT Game Balancing Pt.3

Any danger of this change also meaning Skimmer bounties are being paid out again??

Thanks for the updates. Just wanted to know for combat when can we expect the HUD to reflect the actual credits earned
There's no ETA on that, I'm afraid. It'll have to come well after we're happy with the final values for these changes, at least.

That really does sound like FD can't get it to work...
Granted. Although the ranks aren't dependent on each other, so I don't consider it a "balance" issue. I understand that trade especially seems far to quick and easy - that's not to say Combat should be made faster. It's "Elite" after all. Happy to receive feedback on this, as with everything else.
How about counting tons traded, markets visited, scans and mapping made for trade and exploration elite ? That way you could set some final values to that, unaffected by payout balance changes. Smuggling could count higher than legal trading.

Bruce G

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Fair enough, heres my personal feelings on these as feedback:

Trade - With mining, this is far too easy. I guess with the recent mining changes its a bit more difficult. But still feels cheating slightly to be able to 'mine' your way to trade elite in a few play sessions.

Exploration - slightly on the easy side. Could do with being made a touch more difficult. And def something to consider if exploration payout gets buffed as it will become easier again.

Combat - Difficult. The grind is indeed very long. Even before todays scout nerf i was thinking it should be shortened somehow. Happy for it to be more difficult than Trade and Exploration, but at the moment it just seems miles harder.

CQC - Almost impossible. The grind to achieve this is the mother of all video game grinds. I think it puts a lot of people off as unless your willing to invest a year of your life or more just playing CQC, you will not progress far along the ranks. It does need a reduction. (also consider buffing credit payouts and also adding arx for CQC as additional incentives)

I agree with all of these points. On the Combat rank issue, people refer to it as a grind because they make it their mission to get it as soon as possible rather than passively through general play (which may be how it was designed, hence the high requirement). So the question is which method we should balance it around.

CQC Elite is unrealistic as it stands and the whole content probably needs a total revamp before the ranks are considered.
1600 scouts for combat "Elite" considered "quick", whereas "Elite" trading rank can be earned in one-two days. Seems like a reasonable nerf.
Two wrongs don't make a right.
Yes, Trade & Exploration Elite ranks being outrageously ridiculous nowadays is the problem.
Having to spend some teeny-weeny semblance of effort to attain Combat Elite rank is no problem whatsoever.

Bruce G

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You are of course still trading when you sell... so I don't really see a problem with that, it just needs to be a bit harder, because it's currently way too easy.
You are, but because rank gain for Trade is based on credits earned, cashing in mining runs is going to be disproportionate to "standard" trading. I'd consider something like having credits from mined commodities contributing less to rank gain than credits earned by hauling.
Bruce can i just say, even killing only scouts, the combat rank grind is not 'quick', it still takes a very long time and is far far more difficult than the other elite ranks. I understand why this has changed, but the consequence is that the elite ranks are now even more unbalanced than they were before.
Time to nerf the other ranks hard then. No point being elite trade after one mining run in solo - utterly meaningless. Trade rank should also reflect the danger encountered while trading. Ideally the strength of NPCs fought, and the same but weighted heavily for being attacked by players. (Ideally as in I never really expect this to happen).
Anti-Xeno Combat
Thargoid combat bonds will provide 4x as many credits as before.
this is great, thank You, skill required on these as well as time to build an efficient AX ship were not proportional to the payouts. thanks for taking that into account :)

I like the combat payouts buffs as well :) just smoked an NPC pirate mamba whi tried to steel my precious cargo (deadly I think) HUD popped up with 190k cr, checked transactions its actually says over 800k bounty for that single pirate. finally I can dust off all those beauties that I built for BH but hardly ever got them out :) gd job devs
Here's an idea for Odyssey launch: everyone's all Elite ranks are reset.
New levels for attaining Elite are set:
Exploration 10 billion Cr earnings, also exploration missions contribute to this
Trading 100 billion Cr earnings, also missions & mining contribute to this
Combat as is
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