Discussion Galnet API Not matching up with Galnet archive???

Galnet API URL in question: https://cms.elitedangerous.com/api/galnet
The Archive URL: https://community.elitedangerous.com/en/galnet

When processing the JSON file, I found that some of the dates don't match up, and that the API doesn't go as far back as the archive does.

Why is it that 23 AUG 3304 of the news from the archive, is apparently the 22 AUG 3304 in the API JSON??? That's a bit confusing when the latest date in the archive matches the article date in the JSON (01 JAN 3307). Is there something wrong with the API JSON file or the archive?

From the API JSON:

From the archive:

Additionally, how can I get the galnet API to get dates past the 22/23 of AUG 3304?

P.S. The reason I'm wondering about this, is because I'm currently making a Discord bot that auto grabs the latest Galnet news from the website, but as a second function, allow it to search for older news posts.
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And here's another archive goof I think I found, why is those two days from JUN appearing before JAN 3301? Additionally, why can't I see the archived posts beyond that date? I know there are some in 3300.
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