Powerplay Faction: Zemina Torval Galactic History: The Battle for Gacrux 3302

The Battle for Gacrux was the final chapter in a proxy shadow war lasting about a month in Feb/March 3302, for influence in a border region between the Federation and the Empire involving all three of the major factions.

The conflict began as the Federation dispatched media teams to promoted liberal values in an attempted to gain influence in the DR Crucis system.

However this was met with anger from NULL, an independent democratic minor faction dedicated to fighting piracy and helping those in need, based in the nearby LTT 4961 system.

Up until this point NULL had avoided affiliation with any of the galactic powers, but facing the threat of being exploited by the Federation contacted the Alliance to see if they would be willing to intervene on their behalf to protect their independence.

This caused some strained relations between the Alliance and the Federation resulting in attempted negotiations to resolve the dispute.

It was proposed that the federation redirected their education program to the Olelblis system which would be outside of NULL's region of space. This was rejected by the Federation who maintained their right to educate the population of DR Crucis in their form of federal liberalism.

As the negotiations failed, the Alliance administration pledged their support to aiding NULL become an affiliate member of the Alliance and protect them from any attempted federal interference.

The federation stepped up their efforts in gaining control of DR Crucis by launching an extensive health and welfare program and accompanying agreements that Federal values are respected.

However these efforts were in vain as NULL aided by the skilled mercenaries of the Independent Pilots Consortium disrupted the efforts of the Shadow President's office to gain control of DR Crucis.

At this point the Alliance attempted to curry favour with the DR Crucis government by offering a number of lucrative trade agreements and other benefits whilst in the Olelbis system federal agencies under the control of President Hudson were gathering information with the goal of establishing a new federal base of operations.

Being kept appraised of the situation by her loyal followers including her influential Protectors, and not appreciating the influence of potentially both the Federation and the Alliance encroaching on her domain, Senator Zemina Torval issued the orders to establish the system of Gacrux as a preferred trading partner and establish strong economic bonds with the system. If a strong enough relationship could be established this would counter the efforts of the other two powers.

After aggressive negotiations lasted the night, the Senator and her followers were able to convince Gacrux that it was in their best interest to consider joining the Senator's organisation.

This agreement was met with cautious approval from NULL as it meant that if Gacrux did become aligned with the Senator then LTT 4961 would likely remain outside of any powers influence which was their original stated goal.

Begrudgingly impressed with this 11th 'hour' sequence of events, federal agents launched a full scale operation to block the purchase of land an infrastructure in Gacrux and attempt to disrupt the senator's galactic operations to a point which would cause Gacrux to pull out of the deal. However, it is believed that the Federation underestimated the resolve of Senator Torval and the resources at her disposal.

The battle to dominate Gacrux lasted an entire week with the Senator's top negotiation team called into play to ensure the acquisition of the system was secured whilst extra security forces were hired thought the senator's domain to ensure that any disruption by federal agitators were dealt with in an orderly fashion and the rule of imperial law was upheld.

As the sun rose on the surface of Gacrux 5, the system was acquired into the Senator's domain thus concluding the battle for control of this area of space.
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Excellent documentation for the archives! Thank you for putting this together, John Adams! As usual, your work is superb. Long live Senator Torval and her shrewd business sense. Right under the noses of the bullish Federal and Alliance powers! To provide a sensible conclusion to the original problem while also expanding our influence was a stroke of genius.

Why did I choose last week to play WoT?!?!
As the sun rose on the surface of Gacrux 5, the system was acquired into the Senator's domain thus concluding the battle for control of this area of space.

yeah, we did it! It was nice to take part in this operation. :cool:

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