Full Video Tutorial on using Blender to export and upload content into Thememaker's Toolkit!


Hey guys! This is my first time ever making a tutorial video before, but I was inspired because I got so frustrated with the process of merely exporting that I wanted to share my knowledge on what I had figured out thanks to a lot of you guys.

This video goes over the following in Blender
-Making a Hitcheck object (or not)
-Material settings
-Proper Units & Rotation
-Proper Export Settings
-Making a zip package and uploading it to toolkit.
-Importing final product in game, and exporting to steam workshop.

Its not perfect, but It was my aim to cover pretty much everything unique to Planet Coasters Toolkit and Blender's finnickyness with it.
It does not cover model and texture creation, but I am not a master of those subjects and there are plenty of other tutorials out there for those subjects!

Let me know if there's anything that's not clear in my video or if you have any questions. Thanks!
Thx so much for this great tutorial![up]

I created a wall according to your tips in your tutorial. While your object is working well in the game, I got this result:

brickwall-Fehler 4.jpgbrickwall-Fehler 5.jpg
(I'm sure you know which one is the in-game wall ;) )

The lighting has a problem. The lamp doesn't shine the complete wall. On the other hand, the lamp is shining through the wall so that I can see it on the back side of the wall, too.
What did I wrong? I hope you can help. Thanks so much in advance. ;)
Great Video. It helped me a lot. I still need to learn a lot but at least I am not banging my head on the wall now(It was starting to be painfull LOL).
Thanks!!!! :)
@spoonetti hmm those lighting issues are usually created by the following:
-Forgetting to APPLY rotation and scale TO ALL YOUR OJBECTS before exporting
-Wrong units or export settings (Check that you are using Centimeters, and use FBX ASCII and all the settings I outline in my video)
Double and triple check all that was done to your model and export again. Let me know if you still have issues.
Thank you @lucasup![up]
I will check everything. But now I need to go to bed. I can't concentrate anymore. I spent about 2 hours to try to find out what i did wrong;) Tomorrow I will let you know If I could solve the problem or not.
Oh wow an actual Tutorial :D I will definately check that out when i get some time after work :D Thank you so much for doing this :D

Edit: Maybe you can do one in the Future with how to apply textures properly? :D Because i always mess that step up.
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-Wrong units or export settings (Check that you are using Centimeters, and use FBX ASCII and all the settings I outline in my video)

I watched your video and I'm having issues when uploading to TMT saying object is too small. When creating my model I used meters instead of centimeters and I'm wondering if I should recreate my model using centimeters and before exporting upscale to meters and apply scale and rotation?
I used meters instead of centimeters
In my video, I convert TO Centimeters. To use ASCII you have to be in Centimeters. Watch my video from 11:11 onwards: https://youtu.be/uqbsLtFxglk?t=671 (link will take you to right time). It explains you have to scale your model up 100 times after making this conversion, but if you started in centimeters you don't have to do the scaling.
Check the "Dimensions" of your object on the righthand toolbar like I show and make sure its showing the right numbers there. Thats your final check.

ALSO On another topic, I found another way to export things without having to mess around with units and scaling. I might make another video on this, but for now here's my post explaining it: https://forums.planetcoaster.com/sh...ting-weirdness?p=245951&viewfull=1#post245951


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it would take a month to go over all the things inbetween all the stuff u talked about. I know it was just about submitting to TNT and not on materials and such which is understandable. All i get when I turn on Blender is a large square box. For the life of me it refuses to be deleted. THAT’S how far i’ve gotten lol �� drives me bonkers and gave up but your video did help because I wanted to know what goes in the zip file.
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