Fuel Rats to the rescue!

Thank you to CMDR Whirlwind113 for saving my bacon this morning!!

I went out on a longer than expected trip this morning just prospecting and like a rookie I realized too late I forgot to equip my class 8 fuel scoop. Trying desperately to make it to a system with a large enough orbital to land my Imperial Cutter "Tenaciou$" I could not find one.

Just ONE JUMP from a suitable system to fuel up and I ran out of fuel. I contacted the mythical Fuel Rats, they responded immediately telling what to do and in less than 10 minutes Commander Whirlwind113 was there fueling me up!!!!

Seriously this saved me bigtime, I woulda had to pay an insurance of well over 50 million not to mention the shame of blowing up my vessel. I cannot thank you enough for helping me this morning Fuel Rats. You guys and gals are the heroes of Elite.
Its good to know they are there if needed!

Payment in VOs or just kudos?
i offered to pay the good CMDR but he strictly refused payment, in lieu of this I am ordering a Fuel Rats "Mischief" Tee Shirt from their merchandise store. When the new update drops, I am making a distress call again and this time drop a couple hundred VO's to help fund their own Fuel Rats Carrier. If ANY organization in this game needs a Carrier, its the Fuel Rats :)
That's very kind of you!
Note though that some of us might flatly ignore even VO drops, which is not rude but just save-weight-to-jump-farther-and-don't-bait-priate-interdictions Fuel Rat madness :)
The shirt idea, though, is brilliant. And it spreads the word about the Rats in an active manner. Tops!

That reminds me of a Commander back in the days who dropped some canisters as thanks, and when I scanned them out of curiosity, they turned out to be ... biowaste ... (yummy!) ^,^/
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