Frontier Issues Tracker

The issue tracker does restrict the characters you can use, some common characters are not allowed. That may be stopping a paste of text with illegal chars, though normally the error message makes it clear what it won't allow when typing (at least in Chrome)

E.g. - semicolons 🤦‍♀️

Whilst players can vote all issues are still manually reviewed. The teams will be working to ensure the Issue Tracker focuses on resolving bugs. Feedback and suggestions on a games development will continue to be focused on the forums.
Even when issues are supposedly FIXED and the big fanfare announcements, we still live with the issues of bugs that are NOT fixed i.e. Limpets and fragments still impregnating asteroids. You can complain time and time again and nobody of any clout or influence, takes any notice. Bugs need accountability and proof of the fix, not some random quote on the patch notes, misinforming the community AGAIN and AGAIN
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