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I am releasing my voice attack profile that has been designed for VR and will be expanding further as time goes by, hopefully with everyone's input.

This is a custom voice attack profile that was designed for Virtual Reality (based on some ideas from Malic_VR).

The voice attack profile is available from my web site: https://www.blueknightvr.com/?page_id=63
I am also looking for more ideas on my Discord Channel, as well as providing support.

You can also come in to my stream to ask questions and give ideas. I stream on Twitch from 10PM Eastern Time.

What this profile currently does:
  • Number of Commands for Ship Functions
  • Opening up Resources on the Internet for Elite Dangerous
  • Spotify Music (using the Spotify Plugin)
  • Navigation Functions (Most Important Command Everyone has been waiting for)

Navigation Command Description
You can read more about it on the web site, and the documentation will be at that location in detail [Working on the documentation]
  • 750+ Locations available
  • Able to Tell Distances to every location from the current location you are at.
  • Navigate to any of the Locations by using the Galaxy Map [Must be in the Galaxy Map and on the Input Prompt]
  • When you jump to an interesting Star System it will notify you and you can ask what is in the system.
  • Calculate the nearest Colonia Station to your location, and of course navigate there if you would like.

Please go to my page for more details, also I am looking for input on more things. I am also keeping a list of what is coming next on discord.

The Voice Attack requires a Digital Voice (Text-to-Speech) on your computer as currently there is no recordings. Windows 10 has Microsoft Voices already, or you can install voices from other sources. [CereProc, Cepstral, Ivona Voices]

Hope all the pilots enjoy this!
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