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Put more carrier administration systems. I was unable to do anything with my carrier outside the base options because all systems where I could buy modules were full. Because of this I do not plan to get carriers due to not really being able to do more then jump it and look at it in beta as a result of do many doing it. Very likely this will be an issue on launch unless you add more. Waste of time to do the beta when I could have been grinding, but at least I know people will go crazy buying them lol.
Same here. Once out of the system with the carrier dealership there was no way of getting back into any of them to add modules or ship lines. However, isn't the point of a beta to find issues?
I understand where you are coming from - if you watch a SC video, half the time you seem to be running from A to B so for a gamer only interested in flying ships that would be a turn off. That said some people love the immersive feel and are not concerned at the rate at which they earn credits.
For me its about choice, if I'm forced to get out of the ship each time I need to do something I would not be too happy.
However if EVA is optional then I'm totally up for it, I play a lot of FP & TP games anyway, I'd love if I could do that in Elite as well (so long as the game play is there of course).

e.g. you dock at a station and you can do all the stuff you do now through the station services.
OPTIONALLY you could take an EVA mission on the station or boarding a ship or on a planet surface, that would make a great change of pace for me.
Also I'd like to see what ship and star-port interiors are like and see people (NPC's and players) walking around interiors.
So long as its optional, I'm fine with it.

Sorry - getting a bit off topic here , as related to fleet carriers I would like to have a bridge/common area you can meet up with other commanders and watch the jump from (with or without space legs). Any one who has participated in a mass jump knows how great it is to share experiences with other players.
I was thinking the space legs would only apply to the carrier. More than space legs, I believe the carriers are overkill in their capabilities for a single explorer. I need something just for me and my ships with the capability to repair and rearm and store the modules not in use. Anything new I'll get at a base/station.
I was thinking the space legs would only apply to the carrier. More than space legs, I believe the carriers are overkill in their capabilities for a single explorer. I need something just for me and my ships with the capability to repair and rearm and store the modules not in use. Anything new I'll get at a base/station.
Many have broached the idea of a smaller limited version of the FC. I think there would be broad support of something around the 1 billion mark that allowed refuel / repair / ship and module stowage; was not persistent and not available to dock for other players - call it a Personal Carrier.
I'm pretty sure there would be vocal opposition to that idea as well though :)
PS4 FC Focused Feedback

Limit the number of FC in a system and bodies, a lot less than in Beta 2
Have a view from the bridge while jumping, even if it's the same animation normally used on current ships, sitting in a hangar is terrible
Have an observation deck for docked ship cmdrs to go to at any time while docked, including jumps
Have an option to change the voice of the carrier crew, the current robotic voice is terrible
When purchasing a FC why not go to the station that builds it to pick it up after purchasing
It's initially confusing that the Commodity Market is also combined with Storage
The fuel transfer from Storage (Commodity Market) via a docked ship is confusing
Have a seperate system for fuel
More capacity for donated fuel in the Depot
The 25,000 units should be for fuel, commodity/storage, modules and ships, not services
Refuel, Re-Arm and Repair should be one service
The inventory for Outfitting and Shipyard modules needs to be individual items, not in tiered packs
Be able to see what ships are currently docked to the FC
Have a notification system/board for planned jumps, a way to notify owners of currently docked ships
Routing system for mutliple planned jumps, with a notification system
More FC administration systems or a system for remote purchase of modules/ships that can be delivered and pay a fee, the same as current ship transfers
Tritium needs to be easier than LTD in a triple hotspot to mine
Left navigation panel filter for FC
Galaxy map marker colours are not good, please return to the 'old' colours, which were great
Material Traders/Technology Brokers should be added, if these FC end up thousands of LY from the bubble how can players manage materials
Fleet Carrier Hull Maintenance should be related to the distance jumped
I took up the offer when the carriers became a sensible price. 5billion is far too high in my view. The carriers themselves do have an appeal for me as a base. To try and make 5billion with the current jobs available will take far too long. The upkeep means most people would have to be exploring as it is the only high paid activity at the moment. The fact that if you have too many you can't enter a system is troublesome. NPC's don't seem to do anything and the lack of a bridge means you get no joy seeing your ship. I have in the past, compared this game to a style of Traveller (pen and paper in the no computer days). However, where other games seem to be adding more non ship content, Elite is concentrating on things we can't afford. I am sure there are people who will be able to and maybe as said before you have a selection of carriers like you have with ships. There are three big game ships not one, several small and many medium all of which can be customised as you want. So why is that not the same for this major release?
You could have three styles, large big and costly, medium 50% capacity of large and say 100 million and small 75% capacity of large and say 20 million. You could then give people this chance to expand the game. There are other ideas that could come into play. For example a carrier could be a larger refinery with your ship taking rocks and the carrier doing the work. There is also a lack of game structure now. Yes its open ended but even in good old Traveller, you had more of a structure to your roles. At the moment, you can explore get lots of cash but other than gain rank there is not much more. There are no real exploration missions which could lead to anything. Yes you can find Engineers but it needs a little more in my humble view.
The fleet carrier, “ship kits” are nice but I really wish you could mix and match parts from different kits like you can with regular ships. Especially for the huge initial investment required I feel we deserve that ability. Overall loving the update in the live game!
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