i tried to create a object with a Flexicolor. I assume it is a black and white mask where the white areas define the recolorable areas (The tutorial is not that clear and just says it it a mask)


I have a Alpha Clip Texture that works when i use no Flexo Color Texture in the .zip. Each Texture has the _OP suffix bevore the actual texture suffix e.g. modelname_OP_BC


The Flexicolors dont work with the _OP suffix before the _F1 (Toolkit gives an error)

without the _OP suffix and just _F1 the Alpha Clip doesnt work anymore and the whole object becomes white. And there is no button to pick a color.


Do i have to give the _F1 Texture the same color as the ones i chose in the Toolkit upload window?


i tried to use the color picker green (HEX CODE) and filled the texture with it. I also clicked in the Toolkit the First Flexicolor and changed it to the exact same HEX code.
transparency still doesnt work at all if i use a flexicolor. and there is still no button to recolor.

Flexocolor works flawless if i disable Transparency.

so how do i can get Flexicolor to work with Alpha Clip?
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I can use some help two, how do i link the textures in blender.

i have 1 main Texture and one for the flexi color but how do i link them.
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