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There are a few changes I would like to see going forward that I hope FDev will find some way to introduce and update and improve on them.

Firstly, I would like to suggest some for a "Docking list" to enable the Carrier owner to see which player CMDRs are docked (both online and offline) at the Fleet Carrier. This is an essential piece of information for Groups travelling together.

Refuelling: At present to jump the Carrier any distance I am having to sit in the T9 with 756 cargo full of Tritium. After jumping it is a repetitive process of donating then removing from storage to feed the Carrier. Should a commander want to go explore around an area the carrier has jumped into then the process of changing ships and changing back when finished and having to load up the T9 with Tritium becomes boring. A simple solution for this would be to implement a "Refuel from Storage" for the owner. This mechanic is already there for the normal ships refuelling from the Fleet carrier.

Hyperspace Jumps: As it is we are bound to our smaller ships while travelling through the Hyperspace portal. One amazing update to this would be to add a transition (same as for fighters and SRVs), where the owner can be transitioned to the bridge to "oversee" the Fleet Carrier's jump. With a nice view of the jumping because at present I feel the beautiful artwork of the entering and exiting from the portal is wasted especially when so much work by the developers has gone into creating the animations.

Route Plotting: A further change that would be beneficial would be to have the ability to plot a course using the in-game Galmap plotter instead of having to rely on 3rd party tools. Such tools only plots for systems that have already been discovered whereas as and explorer I for one would love to travel passing through undiscovered systems until I find a suitable place to "make camp".
That being said the manual plotting would be a lot better if there was a marker line (as there is with smaller ships) that shows the range of the next 500ly jump.

Even though these points border on tedium at the moment I am enjoying the journey I am taking with the Fleet Carrier but would like for some Quality of Life changes. I also realise that the Transitioning to the bridge would be a task but, for the others the mechanics already appear to be in the game.

FDev, Pretty Please can we have these improvements
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Docking: I would like to see granularity in this, where you can also run a white and black list, so you can permit overrides to specific CMDRS or explicitly ban specific CMDRs from your carrier.

Route Planning and Plotting: I would like it if you could create an actual schedule for jumps as well as a route, and somehow make that available for CMDRS to see Each waypoint listed, with the expected date and time of the jumps so that you can plan accordingly. I'm not sure where you could put this perhaps create a "Bulletin board" tab for various posts, including the schedule.

I'm picturing something like this

System A -> System B ETD(Estimated Time of Departure): 1/23/45 @ 12:00 UTC ( XX:YY from now.)
System B -> System C ETD(Estimated Time of Departure): 1/24/45 @ 03:00 UTC ( XX:YY from now.)
System C -> System D ETD(Estimated Time of Departure): 1/25/45 @ 18:00 UTC ( XX:YY from now.)

and so on. This way CMDRs see an almost cruise ship or airport style scheduling list and can plan their days accordingly.

Bulletin Board: I'd like to see a board that the owner and those given permission by the owner to post on, different messages and notifications they want available to vistors. an MOTD (Message of the Day) or Notices would be nice.

Permission System: I'd like to see some kind of permission system to grant other CMDRs the ability to manage the carrier's various functions, Nothing too fancy a simple set of permission flags.

Carrier Manager: (flagging a commander this is the master permission required to give them access to carrier management and allow the application of other permissions.)
Comms Officer: (On/Off, allows CMDR to set/manage/create/delete/moderate/edit all posts in the Bulliten board, including the MOTD)
Fuel Technician: (On/Off, allows the CMDR to move fuel into and out of the tank)
Market Manager: (On/Off allows the CMDR to set buy and sell orders and manages the market.)
Dock Supervisor: (On/Off, allows the CMDR to manage outfitting, shipyard bundles, and set the docking settings in the settings tab.)
Astrogation Officer: (On/Off, Allows the Commander to set/terminate jumps, routes and schedules)
Carrier Administrator: (On/Off, This allows the Cmdr to set things in the Budget tab, Upkeep reserve, Tariff settings and access to the Carrier budget withdraw and deposit functions. BE CAREFUL with this one.)

Carrier Decommissioning button is not avialable under any of the permissions and remains the only button that ONLY the carrier owner can press.

This way you can grant multiple CMDRs various levels of access based on trust and have granularity in knowing who has access to what. I'd also like to see a Donate button for the carrier budget, so that visitors can put money INTO the carrier but not take it out, that way if want to have a "donation bucket", visitors who want to donate can do so without having to give them Carrier admin permission.
Personally I would never give control of my Fleet Carrier to any commander, no matter how much trust I have in them as people would find away to abuse such trust.

All I personaly would like is listed, simple Quality of Life improvements that make the carrier better to use and navigate with.
Personally I would never give control of my Fleet Carrier to any commander, no matter how much trust I have in them as people would find away to abuse such trust.

All I personaly would like is listed, simple Quality of Life improvements that make the carrier better to use and navigate with.
I was more thinking in terms of alt accounts. I would like to put an alt account on the carrier and leave it there that way my main doesn't have to come back to do things.

But I also have a few RL friends I wouldnt mind giving some power to.
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