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I was initially not able to store Optional Modules and Utility Mounts from my ship in my own Fleet Carrier (without Outfitting), the "Transfer Options" button in Outfitting is missing. Hardpoints (weapons) were working ok from the beginning.
After I transferred first an an optional internal module and then a utility mount stored on a nearby station station to my FC I got the Transfer Options for these categories in turn.
(Core modules needed no testing as they can only be swapped or purchased).
This is probably a bug.
If people (not excluding myself) cannot buy an additional service for their Fleet Carrier even while being in a system that features Fleet Carrier Administration, then they probably do not have enough free budget available in the Carriers Bank - what is left after reservations for upkeep and market reserves (allotted for commodities purchase to the respective buy limit at the buy price).
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I had now twice the same situation - transfer button was white and disabled instead of yellow after docking with an Imperial Cutter filled with Painite and nothing else (576 units) and all 8 bins of the Refinery also full with Painite. Exitig (To the desktop, didn't try to the main menu only) solved the issue. (Re-Docking and changing the Maximum Stock Hold for Painite did not).
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You didn't read the OP ;)
(there's a new "transfer" button in your rights hand inventory tab :))
Yes, I did !
I pressed exactly that transfer button, and it was originally white instead of yellow. Probably the Commodity Market Service was still on cooldown after the jump.
By the way: I got the commodity into the market by transfer. Limpets can be transferred, too (but don't appear in the market).
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Umm, dunno - maybe not reading the FAQ?
I know you don't need cargo onboard to transfer cargo - I do that all the time 🤷‍♂️
Thanks for answering. I updated my original post again after I had the issue again. The "Transfer" button was white instead of yellow and disabled, no reaction on keypress. I did not alter the filter settings, but viewed them in the process.
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I believe I've seen pictures of different types of fleet carriers, tho I can't seem to find the page with pics of the varying styles. Are there different kinds (cosmetically) available, and if so how are you able to pick and choose?
You have to buy a fleet carrier before you can even look at the in game ark store for the fleet carrier. And that is where the other 3 types are. They are just like ship kits, but you can't mix and match them. They are the victory class, (hammer head) nautilus class, (the exlporer one) and the fortune class (I don't know how to describe this one). The drake class is the default one.
There is an FC in Colonia with (suspended) at the start of its title. Is that part of the name the owner has given it? Or is it something else?
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