First impressions

Frustrating day at work. So I came in with that....
Update was smooth.
I noticed the advertisement signs weren't quite as shimmery when up close. I could actually read them.
Did one low level conflict. It was very dark as usual. Actually seemed fun. The AI soldiers seemed capable. Only one time did they all congregate in a ravine under a bridge and not move.
Seems fairly easy for a new person to get involved, stay with your platoon and you'll probably be fine.

Did I mention everything was really dark?

It looks like the hyperjump graphics changed again. Not in a bad way, they just seem different.

Trying out a taxi through hyperspace right now. I'll take a wander around the planet then see what its like in the ship.

Speaking of which, I accidently ended up in the flight tutorial. That sidewinder is held together with ducttape and bailing wire. It wasn't quit as dark as the apex or the ground stations.

Totally forgot how to apply batteries and med kits. Really need a hot key for those things. I managed to fiddle through the inventory.

Yea, everything is super super dark.
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