ANNOUNCEMENT Festive Countdown 2019

Are out on the store, BUT is it just me or does the Anaconda and Corvette only have two skins?
I am seeing that the Cutter has all of the Festive Countdown skins.
Conda has Twilight, Dawn, and Golden. Vette only has Twilight, Golden, and Chromed.

Edit: Ooof, posted to early. Some of the skins have been showing up 'bout every 40-60 minutes.
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Is the Federal Corvette paintjob Razor Silver and its counterparts season exclusive?
Don't think so - I'm reasonably sure those silver/bronze/etc paints were in the store before the holiday countdown started, because I checked them out during the post-Golconda federal event.
To be honest there pretty much is a basic black outfit. I use it.

Very slight pattern but it's only black to dark grey.
I'm talkin' black leather Mad Max style. Also, how you gonna have a futuristic space game without shiny silver space suits?
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